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The Trainers Become the Trainees

We have made a name for ourselves within Fife when it comes to getting excited about apprenticeships, knowledge sharing and generally driving personal development forward. Part of the challenge of trying to be role-models and stay at the forefront is knowing concepts like best practices and new methodologies etc. 

Since commencing work with Pb learning this has become slightly easier now that we have enrolled 3 members of our team onto new courses to continue their learning journeys. Starting in August, Lukasz, Tori and Stewart will all be enrolled into their respective courses and start the next chapter of there development

Lukasz Humeniuk

Lukasz has been enrolled to study and complete his SQA qualification on Information Security Fundamentals to help strengthen our teams offering on the cybersecurity facing unit of the business

Stewart Gray

Stewart has been enrolled into 2 courses, these include one to give him further understanding of the world of business management and sales alongside another to grow his knowledge of IT solutions and their benefits

Tori Hardie

Tori has enrolled in the first level of IT and communications to gain a better understanding of the technology used within our industry and the benefits and value that can be driven through our customers when implemented.

We're looking forward to the team finishing these courses in the coming year and adding more certificates to the walls of the Helm. Until then though, good luck everyone! Keep up-to-date with Kaber Helm in our news and blog section to see the latest from inside the Helm.


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