Testing New Tech Onsite With P2ML

Testing Out New Tech With P2ML

One of our most important processes and internal validation pieces is our test process! The Kaber Helm team put a lot of time and energy into ensuring what we are going to deliver works as it is intended to do. To do this, sometimes it involves getting a wee bit dirty and seeing what happens close to the pulse of the business. In our most recent projects test phase, we joined P2ML twice onsite to observe how they inspect telecoms masts and how the communicate results between eachother.

The scope of the P2ML project was to use handheld devices to capture information and share that information between devices to allow for a compiled report to be produced quickly and effectively.

Using Bluetooth as our means of communication, we had to get time onsite with radio masts producing a frequency so that we could gauge EMF readings and see how other signal interfered with the software and what we were trying to achieve.

Given how important the Bluetooth aspect was to the whole build we had to make sure we had it spot on! In every build, we tend to believe there will always be one mega task that needs to be dealt with. In this case, making sure the 2 devices could speak to each other was crucial.

Making sure we record our test results, issues and resolutions is a vital action towards understanding what causes our systems problems in the first place. When it comes to creating complex pieces of tailor-made software there are hundreds, if not thousands, of moving parts and issues do occur, To alleviate this, we do something called error trapping - which means adding error messages.

Working with P2ML, we were able to find pieces of the software that could do with enhancements based on the way the devices will be used, we were also able to test the range of the Bluetooth, giving a successful connection up to 160 metres. Lastly, we had to work through the creation of client reports through the web portal, which again had a few tweaks required.

After completing two successful test iterations, we were able to walk off site knowing the changes required to deliver exactly what P2ML had scoped. Look out for our next piece on P2ML which will be the completed case study, showcasing their Bluetooth inspection tool!


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