Polishing Our GEMS For SBE 2018

Kaber Helm Poilishes GEMS For SBE 2018 Spot

Anyone who will be attending the Scottish Business Exhibition 2018 (SBE18) on November 21st & 22nd will be able to find ourselves and Dr Wendy Sneddon flying the flag for our GEMS Online HR System.

As soon as Wendy asked us if we would like to join her stand at the Scottish business exhibition in Glasgow we very quickly said yes and started looking at ways to make GEMS more marketable, and ways to increase our engagement with the product.

Apart from the opportunity to see what so many other businesses are up to, and to network with business leaders from across the country, one of the things we are looking forward to is getting to show off the result of months in the development office!

Those who follow us regularly on Facebook or LinkedIn will know we have been working on the GEMS product for a few months now and have only recently got it off the production line and ready for business use.

To celebrate GEMS completion, we want to get in front of businesses and show them the power of features including:

  • Online timesheet recording
  • Easy expense reporting
  • Personal information management
  • Self-service holiday requests
  • Live action to do lists
  • Job opportunity management
  • And many more....

The main objective of our time at SBE18 will be to show off the ease in using the GEMS System and highlighting the functions we have created differently to other solutions available in the HR Software market. Human Resources, being one of the most valuable departments to any business, always need to look at new ways of improving their processes, and how to better empower employees. Our showcase will hone in on the self-service modules and the easy to use reporting and statistics.

The Kaber Helm team are excited for being able to network with some of Scotlands most influential business people and to be able to put something in front of them that we took tremendous pride in creating. GEMS Might be Dr Wendy Sneddon's vision and product, but our team have poured massive amounts of time and energy into creating her innovative system.

To see the results of our large scale HR solution, please take the time to read about how we helped turn HR Pain into HR power.

We hope to see many of you at SBE18 next week, be on the lookout for the hidden GEMS while on your walk around!


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