Kaber Helm Trains Fourth Foundation Apprentice

Kaber Helm Supports Fourth Foundation Apprentice

Supporting Fifes senior high school pupils to gain qualifications through the foundation apprenticeship programme has become a point of pride for our company. With only one more week to be spent with us in October, Kaber Helm has now managed to help almost four pupils within Fife to satisfy all criteria needed to help them achieve their certificate, all while gaining valuable work experience in an environment filled with like-minded people and problem solvers.

Joining us this time was Kyle, a pupil of Kirkcaldy high school, who had keen interests in game design with a wee bit of interest in web development. Though James - our director of software development - comes from the games industry, unfortunately for Kyle, we don't develop games here... We do develop websites though!

Over the course of the first two weeks, Kyle spent time looking at the fundamentals of project management, and how for our industry, that relates to the design and build process for us actually creating a bespoke software solution for a client. Once Kyle had taken part in one of our planning sessions, the next step was to help him get his foundations in place and help him develop his stylings so he could begin working on functional pieces.

Working closely with the team and the customers build instructions, Kyle was able to complete the majority of the content-based site in his second week! Unfortunately, we have had to complete this ourselves now to meet the clients quoted lead time, however, this does mean we have a reference guide for when Kyle returns in the October holidays to complete his project.

The Kaber Helm team are looking forward to Kyle completing his programme and getting his qualification. Once Kyle is through this part of his course we will be looking to next year when we hope to support Fife Council and the local schools with our 5th and 6th foundation apprentices qualified through working with us!


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