Kaber Helm On The Spot At Parkhill Primary School

Questions Galore for Kaber Helm

On Tuesday, March 5th, Stewart Gray was asked to attend Parkhill Primary school to help answer some of the questions primary 6 and 7s have regarding the working life and the kind of things they should be doing in high school to help them do better. Needless to say, Kaber Helm was more than happy to help in supporting world of work week. 

Stewart Gray was joined in his Q and A session by a mental health nurse from another Fife-based company - named Lindsay - who provides care to the elderly. Both Lindsay and Stewart were put on the spot by the kids who wanted to know the answers to some rather intriguing questions, some not regarding our jobs as you can imagine!

After giving a brief description of what Kaber Helm can do in terms of websites and apps, the kids were in love with the idea but only wanted to know if we had created any huge games... Unfortunately, the answer to that question was no. To see the buzz these children got from realising there are people in their local area creating apps and websites and it was possible they could do it one day, that was rewarding!

Helping to answer all the questions was a lot of fun, and hopefully, some of the kids have been a bit inspired and will take a few life lessons forward! It's one of our company goals to spread our passion of programming and custom creation of tools to everyone, one of the best ways we see to do that is to get in early and get people excited. We loved helping out at Parkhill primary school, and hopefully we will get asked to come help once again!


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