Kaber Helm Visits Rapture Fife

Kaber Helm Witnesses the Rapture

In August of 2018, Rapture Gaming Festival hit Fife for the first time ever under the vision of Councillor Altany Craik & Fife council. To help pull of this project they needed one secret weapon, James Anderson!

Hailing from the games industry himself, James had the perfect kind of contacts to help Fife council bring their vision from the drawing board to reality.

After 6 months and a tremendous amount of effort from everyone involved, Fife was ready to open the doors to Rapture on the 13th of Aug.

Glenrothes was picked as the venue for this first year in fife due to its strategic location in amongst the game creation cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dundee- also known as the golden circle.

For doors opening on the 13th, One of the largest queues we had ever seen was waiting to get in. This queue was almost half the length of our town centre (almost 300Metres long!)

Rapture Audience in the background with James at the Front

PCs Set-Up & ready to be used by attendees

Once Inside, it was all go. From stands promoting cos-play to areas for taking part in tournaments, all exhibitors were very engaging in creating a very positive atmosphere for all attendants,

Loads of games were featured including Minecraft, Fortnite and even classics on retro devices like Mario on the N64 & Sonic on the game cube.

There was loads to keep people interested and looking around, even VR! 

It is fair to say I think all of the team enjoyed themselves and got a look into James Andersons previous world. I'm also sure we would be more than happy to attend once again if the decision is made to return next year.

Until then, we will just have to keep our fingers crossed and keep you updated!


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