Kaber Helm Gives Lukasz a Look Under the Hood

Kaber Helm Gives Lukasz a Look Under the Hood!

Both Lukasz and Owen were tasked with completing units from the same course framework, so one of the first things we had to do was engage Lukasz in an opened ended discussion for client needs. Using Owens previously built games database, we set down a minimalistic specification to see what information he would additionally ask for & seeing what ideas he would put forward. From here we could guide him on what he missed, always explaining why we need it!

Next, we needed to process map the flow & discuss architecture, two very important pieces of the development process! Walking Lukasz through this gave him an understanding of how it relates better to our project development process, as well as how it benefits everyone, including the customer, in the long run, to see all process steps in one place.

Now that we had Lukasz up to speed on the build, it was time to start, only this time not from scratch… Though Owen had built this application the previous week, it was still a skeleton with minimal functionality. This week we would be exploring event-driven programming and data modelling through expanding features within the application to make it more user-friendly.

Using both at the same time we were able to focus on searching for products and attaching categories and filters to enable events & change the data in the model and the view. For this we looked at various things including sliders buttons and free text boxes, even ordering from A to Z! For Lukasz to see this working on a catalogue feature rather than an excel data table is quite a jump.

Lukasz and James also looked at image uploaders for front covers and screenshots, attaching these to the title of the game.

All in all, having Lukasz in the office has been a fantastic experience, we’re pretty sure he enjoyed it and definitely learned a few new things along the way, and we look forward to having him back in July and seeing what happens!


Following last weeks foundation apprentice, Owen Halshaw, From the 9th to the 13th of April we were fortunate enough to be joined by Lukasz Humeniuk, also 16 years old and in 5th year.

Lukasz had developed his interest in software development through his use of different technologies and was more drawn to the 3D animation and design. Through this, though he still had the passion to understand how things worked and the want to experiment with what he had learned.


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