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Branding Success Working with Redefine Design Agency

During the development of our first software package -KaberSight - we had a clear vision of the end goal and everything along the journey except the branding. While taking our product from concept to creation, we had several ideas and drafts of logos floating about. None of these fully captured the use of visual aid, the technological aspect or the fact that this was for a software package at all.

As branding can have a massive impact on potential and recurrent clientele, it was crucial to creating a logo that included all our criteria, yet was still simple and recognisable. To do this, we worked with Redefine Design Agency, a company also based within Fife!

Redefines process for developing content was incredibly effective and left us feeling more and more excited as the days passed by. From the initial consultation, they were determined to create something that would stick in people’s minds while conveying the intention of our products. Below you can see the initial 5 designs we were presented with.

Using social media, family and friends, we could get a lot of insight from people into which they believed to be best. The verdict returned was number 5 with an alternative text. Sharing this feedback with redefining helped them to develop this concept further into the logo we have grown to love.

Bradley and Stuart from Redefine were fantastic at helping us brand our software with a powerful image, as well as, creating further content to support our social media presences. In our development pack, we received multiple formats of the main Logo, different coloured variants, animations for use within our software and even individual elements to use elsewhere. Below are Just some of the example of awesome content provided.

From the left: Social media backdrops, logo elements, finalised KaberSight logo, software package

Kaber Helm would just like to say a massive thank you to Redefine for all the work they have put into our branding and the extras that went alongside. Without them KaberSight may not have had the intended impact!

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