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At Kaber Helm, we take great pride in our work and our team, because of this we want to keep everyone in the loop!

Below you will find news and updates about active projects, past projects and even our team.

On Monday, September 16, Stewart Gray and James Andeson visited the Scottish Business Resilience Centre to discuss digital technology and cybersecurity.

Stewart Gray, Tori Hardie and Lukasz Humenuik are all enrolled with Pb Learning to expand their skill sets and gain new knowledge of their chosen expertise.

Kaber Helm secures more work in Fife, this time in the form of a candidate management system which will be custom-built for expanding clients, Pb Learning

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A Blast From the Past!

Keeping our customers up-to-date is crucial for building relationships. Transparency is a huge part of our culture, and we want to share that with everyone.

We want people to see the journey we've taken to get where we are now!

Working with Fife promotions company, DCM Promotions & Events, Kaber Helm helped Design some new shop Vinyls to give one our local shops a face lift!

Kaber Helm is back with the Foundation Apprenticeships from our very own Fife Council. This will be Kaber Helms second year supporting the council to deliver learning.

While in London we were able to speak to SOS (Schools Office Services) who were interested in a tool to help them manage their client's requirements, and of course, we jumped!

Part of any build involves a testing period, one of the best pieces for ourselves is getting exposure to what our clients actually do on a daily basis. this week we joined P2ML.

It isn't too often we do projects aimed at the general public, but even then, we do enjoy them! Working on Little Miss Raffles was a bit of a new challenge but we loved it.

Following the successful creation of Dot Telecoms automated project tracking & invoicing tool, they came back and asked us to deliver more of the same magic!

After 3 short but productive months in Kirkcaldy, Kaber Helm are back home in Glenrothes with a new HQ for at least the next 6 months!

After almost a year of ongoing development, our employability tool, Mint CV, has now fully completed stage 1 development & has been released to the public.

We have been busy working on the future of stock control with Andersen Caledonia. In our latest project, we talk about stock issues and how to manage large numbers of exceptions. 

With new expanded premises comes the need to expand our operations, for this we needed a new team member. After a month of searching, we found James Coope.

Following Mike Duncan leaving to pursue new adventures of his own, we are excited to be inviting Andrew Spiers to take his place as our Social Media Manager.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is sharing the knowledge! This week we had the opportunity to host Owen Halshaw as part of Work-based learning through Fife Council.

January & February see the largest volume of job applications every year. using this knowledge, we were able to create a solution aimed at helping the General Public

Thanks to Fife council, Kaber Helm Software got the opportunity to attend Offshore Europe 2017 and see what innovations are coming to the oil & gas industry!

Kaber Helm was delighted to be able to offer John Binnie the position of Junior Software Developer. Read more on Johns background and the stuff he has been working on.

Following a rise in demand for our software & services, we are happy to announce that we are taking on James Anderson - Former games developer for Kando Corp.

Kyle Peter is now the fourth foundation apprentice to have been supported by Kaber Helm while building towards a software development qualification

June saw the Kaber Helm team grow by 3 people at once. Join us in welcoming Tori, Drew and Lukasz to Team KH. We look forward to tackling many projects with our new team

On the 6th & 7th of May, Stewart Gray took a flight to London to finally meet Darren from Jag Supplies and discuss new opportunities and how to drive the business forward.

With multiple London based projects on the go, it was a bit of a surprise to get another from the south in the form of a website to be created for Locksons Property Management 

As part of Kaber Helms commitment to improving all staff members, Andrew Spiers has recently been enrolled into a qualification for IT & Customer Service! 

On the 21st & 22nd of November, Kaber Helm will be attending the Scottish Business Exhibition with Dr Wendy Sneddon to help her showcase her GEMS System.

Kaber Helm has signed a contract to work closely with Glenrothes based promotions & events company DCM. from websites to online booking, what a great challenge!

One of the greatest things we get to do on our team is to allow members to better themselves & multiskill. Currently, James is taking on cybersecurity.

August of 2018 saw the first gaming festival come to Fife. From gamers to the indie developers in our local community, This was an event that brought them all together.

Our Managing director, Stewart Gray, has been in the paper this week answering questions about his journey to bring the company from nothing to problem-solving specialists!

Working with Dr Wendy Sneddon has been an honour, and as the months go on we hope to continue supporting her and driving value into her products & services.

JAGS has become a recurring customer. Impressed with the solutions we delivered, they returned in early January with a new challenge, to get them online & agile!

Earlier this year Redefine Design was tasked with designing a logo for our first software package - Kabersight. You've read the story from our perspective, now read theirs!

Like any company, taking on new people is a sign of hard work paying off. December saw us expand once again and take on Mike Duncan to take control of our Social Media presence

No matter the company, our customers keep the lights on and ultimately provide the opportunity for growth. Ensuring them and their tasks are managed correctly is crucial!

Read details about our first client who just happened to be Learn to Trade, a financial education company based in London, who wanted an in-depth look at their own company.

Keeping up appearances and ensuring the company name is out there is a hugely important task. Have a look at how Kaber Helm have spread the word. 

Thanks to several new contracts coming into place and new opportunities arising, we were able to split the office, giving the programmers and management staff their own space.

One of the new big questions we've been getting asked lately surrounds the security of information. To help us answer this we had staff qualified in information security and audits

Stewart Gray went to Parkhill Primary school to answer questions on his company, his job and the things he had to learn in school to get to where he is today!

Thanks to our relationship with Dot Telecom, we were able to offer some help to P2ML Engineering from Clydebank who wanted an app to change their business!

As part of Fife business week, Stewart Gray joins round table talks about developing Fifes young work force alongside other businesses, council representatives & teachers.

Kaber Helm has been back in Edinburgh but this time to Support Dot Telecom. They came to us with tracking & invoicing issues and we were happy to jump right in!

After months of pushing to create a great online based HR system, the day has finally come. GEMS is now ready for full release and can be used by anyone!

After a year in our Glenrothes HQ, we have finally expanded to larger premises in Kirkcaldy to aid in business growth. Hopefully, new offices mean new challenges!

Kaber Helm has been given the opportunity to work alongside Fife Councils Community Learning & Development team to help enrich the education & useability of Mint CV. 

As part of Fife councils work-based foundation apprenticeships, this week we were delighted to be showing Lukasz software development from behind the scenes.

The NHRAs New Years Resolution

Audit tracking & analysis was just the beginning of our relationship with NHRA Bahrain. In February of this year, we stepped in again to look at their whole reporting structure.

It took JAGS 6 months to get 2,500 products on their website. We got 8.000 ready in one week. read how Jag supplies embraced a bespoke solution to increase profitability

NHRA Joins The Battle to Improve!

When your processes involve double & triple handling of data, you know you can reap the instant reward! This is one issue we were glad to help the NHRA Bahrain with.

One of our biggest success stories so far is that of our first software package - Kabersight!

See how Redefine Design was able to help us stand out in a crowded marketplace.

After working remotely amongst the team for almost 3 months now, Kaber Helm finally have some office space to enable us to stretch and grow as we need to!


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