Why KaberSight?

Empower your customers, harness live visual aid!

At Kaber Helm we believe that your eyes are one of the most powerful tools a person possesses, our question was simply how do we exploit this to gain benefit? The answer, KaberSight!


In its simplest form, KaberSight is a video to video communication application designed to make problem resolution quicker and easier.

It opens up a variety of options for improving your customer experience; From allowing you to see issues and help customers reach quicker, more satisfying resolutions, to gathering remote photographic evidence for building case files.

Our software is scalable, easily deployable and integratable for ease of use.


Time Savings

Video allows the Enser to get straight to the point and establish mutal understanding of an issue.

New Data Insights

Increased Digital Appeal

Become more appealing and convenient to end users as they embrace the digital age

User Friendly

Customers Count!

Kabersight is customizable to ensure your customers have the best experience possible. To the left you will see examples of end user UIs, we can log details directly from your sight for your use when the connection is established. Optionally we can also add in feedback windows and bespoke forms that suit your line of business.

Organizational Benefits!

With a wide variety of performance monitoring and reporting functionalities, as well as the ability to have bespoke forms added (Such as call wrap up details). KaberSight brings the convenience to both you and your customers and ultimatley benefits both in the end!

For More technical Information please view our Release Notes Now!

Improve your customer journey with new data provided by our reporting suite

Reinforce Relationships

No one is more important to an organization than there end uers, let them see that

End users have a more personalised experience when they're able to see who they are talking to

Cost Savings

With reduced call-outs, money can be saved on fuel, labour and any other expenses

Educate End Users

Take advantage of visual aid to deliver maintenance tutorials and walkthroughs to avoid repeating problems

Customer Satisfaction

a combination of all previous benefits and a continuous development process will sustain this metric


Audio-Visual support!

The foundation of KaberSight is a custom developed Audio-Visual platform constructed by our engineers to work on all mobile platforms and desktop platforms including:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS


Manage incoming connections to your organization from an active queue. When there are no active connections and the queue is empty the button will black itself out.


Over the phone we can take down descriptions and details of problems, with KaberSight, you can see and save them for use in customer files or to send to on-call service staff who'll make an on-site visit.


Like in a conventional contact centre, when a customer requires an escalation or has issues that cannot be resolved immediatley, our software offer the ability to hold connections so these issues can be dealt with.


When a customer selects the wrong item, or simply starts with a general enquiry they sometimes need to be re-directed to the correct place/person. This feature allows operators to send connections to the appropriate places.


As with any communication software, the big red button to stop what you're doing. this button will end connections on both sides so organisations to assign new queued connections to the next available operator.

Flip Camera

For Mobile devices (Tablets/Phones) and laptops/desktops that have more than one camera device installed, they will have the ability to flip between cameras to show situations and issues more conveniently.

Reporting Suite

A major part of managing any business is having the data to drive it forward! within our management console is a robust suite with a variety of powerful reports designed with business development in mind.

Performance Monitoring

Included in the KS Package is a performance monitor to view clls handled, abandoned and the state of staff accross the floor! This can be seperated for departmental or full organizational views.


For quality and monitoring purposes, KaberSight records and saves conversations so that - if a complaint is made - the video can be retrieved and reviewed quickly.


From remote house viewings to letting clients to collect pictures of potential houses, similarly to view houses for potential sale/let


Help your customers by collecting as much media evidence as possible inorder to start their claim quicker

Manufacture & Repair

Technical Support


Training & Education

Within industrial environments downtime can be cruacial, when specialist help is needed quickly, use visual aid to reduce resolution time

When it comes to support, services such as IT can benefit from KaberSight when remote access is not available, or when dealing with high volumes of issues

Remote medical help has become a popular topic lately, become an early adaptor to a new method of interacting with patients securely

One of the biggest benefits of vision is the ability to see and mimick, deliver practical lessons to remote clients

Help your customers to get there issues dealt with, if repair is needed kabersight can help build a sufficent case file

Industrial Environments

Real Estate


Committed to helping companies from our local area to locations across the UK





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