Our job is simple...make your job easier, slicker and more valuable. Kaber Helm offers a range of services to help achieve this!
Business Efficiency Assessment
The first step to transforming your business efficiency and productivity is to assess where those opportunities are.

Whether there is a part of your business that is underperforming, or you simply want to improve your performance and increase your profitability, we can help. While many companies are great at sales and marketing, developing new products and their people, they are often poor at developing new, effective, and measurable processes. Every day there will be hundreds and thousands of processes being run in your business. Some will be planned processes; many will be tasks that are simply carried out without planning or thought, and some will be historical processes that have ‘always just been done like that’.

Common areas of improvement include:

  • Speed and efficiency of data and information sharing throughout the business
  • Document management
  • Streamlining processes reducing the time they take to complete
  • Report production, in real-time giving you a competitive advantage
  • Productivity – time waiting for information or work, wasted physical. Just in time system where one person works on it and the next person is ready to work on it. Not waiting around. Produce one report in 10 mins, not 10 hours.
  • Speed of delivery – combined benefits of the above. How do we speed up the process while maintaining the same quality?
  • Quality of service -fast, accurate delivery. Deliver the extra mile, customise, bespoke for your customers. No point in hiring a system like SAP. SAGA only use 1 millionth of what it offers.
  • Manual tasks that can be automated

By improving each of these you will:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Increase your profitability
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Reduce waste in your business
  • Achieve a leaner, more robust and agile business fit for the current environment.

The result is that everyone in the business or team can work efficiently and quickly and waste less time on non-productive and profitable tasks.

At Kaber Helm, we review, assess, and make recommendations that will improve your processes. We will identify where there is time, effort and energy wasted in your business and the opportunities you have to develop your processes and improve them, making your business leaner and more profitable. Whether you are aware of a problem or challenge in your business or you simply want to create a leaner and more agile business we can help.

At the heart of your business success are efficient processes that can be continually reviewed keeping your business lean and agile. That’s where Kaber Helm comes in.


Automation + Optimisation = Transformation

Every day, we waste time on mundane tasks and inefficient processes. Yet there is a wealth of technological and software solutions available that allow you to work smarter, not harder.  So what’s stopping most businesses becoming more efficient and profitable? Identifying the right software solution for their business. That’s where Kaber Helm comes in.

We create business tools that will:

  • Increase your profitability
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Save you time and money

Here are some of our most popular tools:

Product 1 – Streamlining processes

Identify processes in your business that could be streamlined, automated and made more efficient thereby making them more profitable. We will work with you to review your processes, map out your current and ideal process then implement a list of recommendations. Finally, we will measure the outcomes and results thereby demonstrating what you will have saved both in terms of time and money.

Product 2 – Reduce labour in your process and automate

Concerned that your business or a team is people heavy? Need to streamline in terms of labour and/ or redeploy those people into other areas of the business? We can work with you to identify where labour can be streamlined and where appropriate be automated using software so that those individuals can be moved into another part of the business.

Product 3 – Reporting, automation and admin 

Mundane, time consuming, low-value activities are a real challenge for any business. Whether it’s your time or that of your team, there are many reporting and administrative tasks that can be automated and delivered far faster and with greater accuracy. Get reports delivered in a fraction of the time and get the information faster and potentially gain that edge on your competitors. Reduce administrative tasks to the must-do ones and automate the rest.

Product 4 – Visibility and control

A popular service, gaining more visibility and control for CEO’s and managers, the goal is to get you more information, quicker about your productivity, performance and profitability. This gives you increased visibility and control. It also enables you to identify issues before they happen and make informed decisions. Discover your true profit per hour, production rate and revenue per hour. Identify wasted time and effort in your processes. Find out what’s profitable and what’s not.

Can’t see a service that meets your needs?

Tell us about your business and what you are looking to achieve and we can advise you whether it’s possible, how much investment will be required and timescales.

The journey

Digital transformation is an investment in the future

As our competition becomes faster, smarter and overall harder to beat, we need to take steps towards progress and innovation! In the age of information and digital technology, data has become more valuable than oil – yet most of us do not harness it properly or get the full benefits out of collecting and utilising our own operational data.

At Kaber Helm, we work with clients to design and build systems for both internal operations and interaction with external customers, usually combining both to increase the value of the system to you and your customers.

The purpose of our work is to improve the flow of your operations and information, leading to slicker working habits, doing more of what you get paid for in less time – all while being better informed! Digital transformation is an investment towards business continuity, customer journey and experience, and even your competitive edge within your sector.

Combining increased process profitability with reduced overheads and admin costs is one of our main service objectives on all projects. Work should never be harder then it needs to be…

  • Process Profitability
  • Process Overheads
why we do this?
There’s more to our jobs than just making software or assessing efficiency,
we see a bigger picture and it’s already on the horizon…

The majority of our clients are surprised by some
of the features and automation we can impement
due to lack of awareness and knowledge


Solving problems and creating technology combine
two of the things we love doing most, doing this for
other helps us all grow and progress together


We believe in a future where technology makes
many aspects of life easier, including business.
Rather than talk about it, we make it happen!

What Customers about us
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Introducing custom apps and digital solutions revolutionised the way we do business and the way we communicate information to our customers