The Shutter Specialists

The shutter specialists wanted to spice things up in their industry by scrapping paper and recording data on the go!

The Shutter Specialists wanted to innovate and improve an age-old process within their industry, removing the need for countless paper records, hours of double processing and minimising the risk of loss.

To go on the front end of the system we would build a website allowing customers to find helpful information about the company and their products and also enabling potential customers to register their interest.

…No more late nights re-entering handwritten forms onto the PC!

The task they wanted to automate was quote creation and management, including recording sizes, styles and various other pieces of information required to give the customer a quote.

The system is built to be used on Apple devices used by team members who are out in the field going to customers homes and recording the customers details and requirments.

The information collected in the field is saved and available instantaneously in other areas of the system for admin staff and purchasing staff when orders are ready to be finalised and confirmed.  While in the field, the sale team can easily prepare documents for their clients and share them via email instantly once again.

While in the field, sales team members can use the newly recorded information to create documents for the customers including a quote itself. These documents can be shared directly with the customers instantly via email, the customer then has the power to interact directly with the system and review documents and changes at their own convenience with no visit needed!

Admin and support teams can update and manage materials and system users through the admin module, ensuring that all pricing is consistent and kept up-to-date. This team can also manage quotes and orders directly – including editing specific details – and prompt action from the customer using various features.

The Shutter Specialists management team can review their teams’ performance using both high and low-level metrics which are recorded and updated live on the interactive management dashboard. From here figures can be drilled into and analysis carried out to make new strategy decisions and to monitor the companies progress and whether targets are being met.

Increased Profitability
Doing less and getting more leads to a rise in profits, prompting continued development
Cloud Based System
The internet has been the next best thing for nearly 30 years, use it to its full potential
Advanced Security
Using the skills of our cyber-security specialist, our platforms are highly secure and monitiored
Centralised Information
All of their organisation's data saved, processed and reported on from one UK-based location
Reclaiming Time
Time is one of the most valuable assets in business, going digital saves processing time
Product Management
Automated handling and distribution of product information and discrepancies
Permission Access
Lots of people use our systems and we make sure they only use features relevant to them
MultiPlatform Systems
Now more than ever, we understand the need to work from any number of devices and places

Going paperless and keeping all data collection and processing traceable encourages system integrity and customers confidentiality. Some of the other benefits of their online custom software solution include:

  • Content Based Website
  • Secure Login
  • Multi-User Access
  • Linear processing
  • Quote Creation
  • Documentation Creation
  • Email Server
  • GDPR Compliant Servers
  • Nested Selections
  • Material Management
  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Live Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Activity Logging
  • Data Exporting