Schools Office Services

QR Codes are underutilised in the world of work and can reduce time and associated costs in many areas of the business - SOS used QR codes to shake-up their inspection process

Kaber Helm and Schools Office Services started working together in early 2018 when a need to streamline their process and make team members jobs easier was identified.

SOS was experiencing difficulty double processing information which was recorded by hand and then had to be logged several times in both Word and Excel documents.

…London is a fast-moving and competitive place, to stay ahead we must innovate!

The first part of the project was focused entirely on compliance and regulation inspections that would happen at different intervals from once a month to once a year and everything in between.

As the inspections and regulations checks were a repeatable process we were able to create a system that would allow compliance checks to be carried out, recorded and documented in one action.

Collecting information straight on to phones and tablet devices removed the need to double handle information back and the office and provided a significant time saving, now admin staff can focus on more pressing issues and concerns while the audit team members can fully carry our regulation checks.

Customers can view the results of their audits and inspections directly using their own client logins. Their personal dashboards contain overviews of their performance and adherence to the regulations, any concerns or areas of focus are highlighted in interactive action lists which can be overseen by SOS and the client. Clients can also communicate back and forth regarding specific actions.

Our latest addition to the SOS system involved utilising QR code capabilities and mobile devices to once again remove double handling of information and even paper. In late 2019 we began working on an asset tracking report which would allow a school caretaker to log any issues with building assets and keep detailed reports on their conditions – including highlighting any recurring issues.

These reports are created and carried out by the customers, thus passing on the value and savings of the SOS system to the customers. The reports provide full traceability of inspections including whether items were or were not checked. The overall compliance is displayed in the customer’s dashboard can be monitored by SOS.

Cloud Based System
The internet has been the next best thing for nearly 30 years, use it to its full potential
Advanced Security
Using the skills of our cyber-security specialist, our platforms are highly secure and monitiored
Reclaiming Time
Time is one of the most valuable assets in business, going digital saves processing time
Distributed Working
People to use the system from their individual workplaces and report back to one database
Permission Access
Lots of people use our systems and we make sure they only use features relevant to them
QR Code Technology
QR codes are part of the future of camera technology and seamless working
Team Alignment
Keep all of the team on the same page and sharing the same information
Reduced Costs
People completing tasks quicker reduces associated costs and raises profits

Working with SOS over the previous 2 years has been insightful, giving us a new perspective on a task much of us take for granted, cleaning! We have worked on two major developments using following features:

  • Secure Login
  • Access Permissions
  • Internal / External Accounts
  • Activity Logging
  • Template Creation
  • Auto-Emailing
  • Google Calendar integration
  • QR Technology
  • Centralised Database
  • GDPR Compliant Servers
  • Cloud-based Technology
  • Automated PDF Creation
  • Company Dashboard
  • Personalised Customer Dashboards
  • Data Exporting Tools
  • Data Importing Tools