P2ML Engineering

Challenges and problems get the Kaber Helm team out of bed in the morning, this project had its fair share of both...

Here at Kaber Helm, we enjoy real challenges and that is exactly what we got when we started working with P2ML Engineering in late 2018.

They were looking specifically to move to mobile devices, with the aim of removing paper from their on-site antenna inspection process.

…whether offsite or onsite, everyone can be on the same page and see the same information!

In late 2018 P2ML approached Kaber Helm to discuss a solution that would remove much of the manual handling of information from their inspection and reporting process.

After brainstorming some ideas between both teams and getting an understanding of the reports that needed to be created, Kaber Helm was able to hit the ground running!

Soon after commencing the project, we stumbled across the challenges and the problems with trying to create a streamlined and linear process for handling information from out in the field, reporting it back to HQ and enabling the admin staff to edit and create finalised reports for their customers.

But these are this issues we like to sink our teeth into!

Using a variety of wireless methods – including utilising 4G and Bluetooth technologies – meant we could have devices move information in multiple directions, even from out in the field back to base… from anywhere!

Once we had worked through the majority of the connectivity issues and had managed to successfully store all data remotely, the next step was to use that data to empower the decision-makers at P2ML as well as provide a slicker, and quicker process for their customers to receive reports and updates on their own infrastructure.

We were lucky enough to be able to carry out testing procedures with P2ML onsite and got to see a new side of telecoms engineering we had always taken for granted. Through successful user tests and feedback sessions, we were able to make some final changes to the solution – ensuring that it was tailored exactly to our clients needs

Cloud Based System
The internet has been the next best thing for nearly 30 years, use it to its full potential
Advanced Security
Using the skills of our cyber-security specialist, our platforms are highly secure and monitiored
Reclaiming Time
Time is one of the most valuable assets in business, going digital saves processing time
Permission Access
Lots of people use our systems and we make sure they only use features relevant to them
Reduced Costs
People completing tasks quicker reduces associated costs and raises profits
Remote Working
Team Members can save data and picture evidence straight to the system while onsite
Customer Management
Interact with customers and share custom reports and KPI graphs with them directly
Increased Profits
Increasing efficiencies and sharing data faster improves overall profitability

The key to an innovative and forward-thinking process is ensuring the right kinds of features are added to make the lives of everyone involved easier. Simple and quick tasks raise profit and even morale. Here are a few of the things P2ML take advantage of:

  • Multiplatform Technology
  • Image Capture Functionality
  • Bluetooth Functionality
  • Security protocols
  • Customer Reporting
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • GDPR Compliant Servers
  • Online Portal
  • System Admin Panel
  • Job Scheduling
  • Progress Reporting
  • Editing Data Collection
  • PDF Publications
  • Editorial Tools
  • Data Export
  • Data Import