Jag Supplies

Jag Supplies is one of Londons largest and fastest-growing hospitality distributors working with many large clients both within the city and outside it.

Jag Supplies have been Kaber Helms longest served partner in a relationship spanning over 3 years. This has seen the creation of several tools and process specifically designed to enhance the value proposition of Jag Supplies as a competitor in the market.

While creating a tool to help match all images at once, Jag Supplies started to see the potential to change and improve other processes using digital software systems as a tool. This included their customer journey which led to creating an e-commerce system.

…Having one go-to place make things much easier and faster to manage from anywhere!

Starting in 2017, Kaber helm was brought in to automate a very manual and time-consuming task involving matching images to almost 20,000 different products.

Kaber Helm started work on a new e-commerce system for Jag Supplies which would give them lots of seamless functionality, eventually saving lots of time and money.

Through 2018 and 2019 our biggest focus was creating features that would allow customers – both personal consumers and businesses – to easily shop, get answers to questions and ultimately enjoy their experience.

Many features have been added specifically for both customer groups, giving a unique experience to businesses and members of the public. All information entered into the system by users is saved into a central database, located here in the UK for GDPR Purposes.

Alongside developing a custom e-commerce software platform for Jag Supplies, we have also created a warehousing application responsible for stock reservation and management used by B2B clients.

Staff from Jag Supplies can access their systems from anywhere only requiring an internet connection! We host all of our systems online to account for remote and flexible working, giving our customers the power to manage on the move, at home or in the office.

Our continued partnership has seen Kaber Helm become a strategic partner, working to ensure our systems and features align with the aims and objectives of the business and to ensure we are always looking to find improvements that can increase competitive advantage.

Working with Jag Supplies is always provide enjoyable challenges in processes and the way we work… But at Kaber Helm, we love that!

Increased Profitability
Doing less and getting more leads to a rise in profits, prompting continued development
Cloud Based System
The internet has been the next best thing for nearly 30 years, use it to its full potential
Advanced Security
Using the skills of our cyber-security specialist, our platforms are highly secure and monitiored
Centralised Information
All of their organisation's data saved, processed and reported on from one UK-based location
Reclaiming Time
Time is one of the most valuable assets in business, going digital saves processing time
Product Management
Automated handling and distribution of product information and discrepancies
Permission Access
Lots of people use our systems and we make sure they only use features relevant to them
MultiPlatform Systems
Now more than ever, we understand the need to work from any number of devices and places
Some of the Features jags utilise

We have worked with Jag Supplies for quite a while now and over the years have produced several systems that have multiple benefits and functions. Here are a few of the features Jag Supplies use to increase efficiency and drive profitability:

  • Product Cataloguing System
  • Cart and Checkout System
  • Stock Management Functions
  • SEO capabilities
  • Bulk Editing Abilities
  • Customer Account Management
  • Custom Pricing Features
  • Activity Logging
  • Auto-emailing system
  • Product Management
  • Cookies Compliance
  • Security Protocols
  • Internal Reporting
  • External Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Data exports