Dot Telecom

Working with Dot Telecom we split projects to focus on two main questions- How much profit are we actually making? What is the cost involved with making that profit?

Dot Telecom

  • Project Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Process Engineering
  • Waste Identification
  • Programming
Project Duration

6 Months

Understanding the numbers is crucial

Starting in 2018, Kaber Helm worked on a project for Dot Telecom which would revolutionize a long and laborious task involving lots of excel editing. Dot was looking for a system to be able to load their project tasks into, letting them see the progress of each project, which tasks had been completed and which tasks were outstanding. This is translated into financial metrics for management to monitor progress as tasks are completed.

The system itself has many features including reporting discrepancies, CSV importing and exporting is connected directly to their financial software, saving admin staff hours of double processing invoices and chasing managers to solve issues.

After streamlining the admin process and removing lots of waste, we could finally answer the question “How much profit are we actually making?” really fast using reporting and dashboard functions. What wasn’t clear at this point was the cost of making that profit was. Our second development for Dot Telecom focused on recording costs.

Stage 2 of development gave Dot the ability to record all associated costs from individual overheads to all the associated labour involved with any projects. Using this information we were able to create a model which displayed the incoming and outgoing costs for each project and each task within the project. Drilling down into the data is now easier than ever and areas of concern can be identified and rectified quickly!


Team Connectivity
Keeping everyone connected is an important task, being able to share data quickly allows for seamless working
Financial Reporting
Keeping up-to-date with numbers is important, we aim to stop clients using Excel by creating custom financial reports
Reclaim Admin Time
With reduced double handling of information and create custom reports, team members can focus on other tasks
Project performance
Summarised data can be delivered to management via email or interactive dashboards, allowing them to monitor performance