DCM Promotions & Events

Advancing projects in stages makes development a much more manageable task and DCM can vouch for that...

DCM Promotions & Events


September 2018 – Ongoing

  • Business Consulting
  • Programming
  • Digital Strategy
  • Admin Automation



Kaber Helm entered into a business partnership with DCM Promotions and Events in late 2018 with the aim of creating a “go-to” place for their clients to view their products and services and place bookings for items thus removing the need for DCM team members to be calling customers to chase payment details and removing the need to log many cash transactions. Once launched, DCM recorded higher use of their website and interest in their products based on the ability to send people to one page to both view details on products and reserve items for hire.

Additional features added to the DCM system included an application and team management tool which allows DCM staff to review and process job applications quickly and efficiently and communicate messages to the active team with ease. Staff can also self administer a full categorised gallery system allowing them to showcase all of their events and work. this is useful for potential clients and previous clients who attended events.

One of the newest developments to their system gave them the ability to secure work in the leaflet distribution industry with a quick quote tool for customers to get information on pricing and how many leaflets will be required to complete their desired routes. This part of the system is responsible for automating invoice creation and distribution and working out acceptable boking dates.

We continue to work with DCM planning future stages to their digital strategy and online presence coming up with newer and quicker ways to run the business from anywhere.


Team Connectivity
Keeping everyone connected is an important task, being able to share data quickly allows for seamless working
Business Growth
Focussing more on advertising their own business and sharing their website led to more secured work
Permission Access
With a system containing personal information we need to ensure permissions are checked before accessing data
Financial Reporting
Keeping up-to-date with numbers is important, we aim to stop clients using Excel by creating custom financial reports