Andersen Caledonia

Stock is an asset to many businesses, for that reason, we shouldn't waste resources managing stock or we dilute the overall stock profitability

Andersen Caledonia

system type

Stock Management System

  • Business Consulting
  • Waste Identification
  • Programming
  • Process Streamlining
  • Full Stock Traceability
  • Full Stock Reporting
  • Smart Order Assignment

When we were first contacted to work with Andersen Caledonia their stock management was being controlled through spreadsheets and a part-functional Microsoft Access database which was the root of many issues rather than providing visibility and resolution. It was clear they needed a better way to be able to trace their stock and manage what they had within their warehouse, especially when it came to fulfilling customer orders.

We started working on the basic features of a stock management system, booking in, booking out and displaying the current on-hand quantity. We built on top of this foundation to include order entry, pick lists and stock reservation. From countless spreadsheets and emails used to communicate stock levels to one central system that all managers and team members could use to complete their daily tasks. One of the more valuable features of the system was stock reporting which included financial metrics.

An additional benefit for the company was completing fewer stock counts with growing trust in the system. Instead of full stock counts, cycle counts were introduced to help maintain system integrity and to scrutinize the accuracy of the system. Team members can now view stock held in different statuses across the warehouse, reducing the risk of double promising stock and improving the proactive purchasing of replacement stock when products hit their minimum control level.

Use of cloud-based systems means team members who work within the warehouse can use tablet devices or mobile devices to take information on the move as they do their jobs, while team members in the offices can continue to log orders and do all necessary reporting in conjunction with operations.


Permission Access
With a system containing personal information we need to ensure permissions are checked before accessing data
Financial Reporting
Keeping up-to-date with numbers is important, we aim to stop clients using Excel by creating custom financial reports
Clear Stock Visibility
All team members who need to know the stock position can see the same information and make informed decisions
Cloud-Based Technology
Taking advantage of the internet allows team members to move around and access information anywhere in the facility