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Q1 Do I need to have software to replace?

No. Bespoke Solutions can be created for any person/organization with a requirement for tailored solutions to their specific needs.   

Q2 Do bespoke solutions include mobile applications?

Yes, Kaber Helm offers solutions for mobile devices.

Q3 How Long does a bespoke solution take to design, create & Implement?

This is quite a tricky question. This really comes down to the size of the project, the complexity of the functions and the data required to build. Working with customers we adjust our sxhedule to hit their target dates.

Q4 Can i have a bespoke solution made from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Kaber Helm offers support & flexible working for customers all over the globe. As with KaberSight solutions can be deployed booth remotely or with an on-site visit.

Q5 Do Kaber Helm accept 3rd party bespoke design jobs?

Kaber Helm is open to supporting growing businesses with their software needs. When one of your clients has an issue our team can be drafted in to help in a variety of ways.   

Q6 Can you integrate solutions with my current set-up?

This question will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The majority of systems out there have APIs for use to be able to interact with, where this isn't applicable other methods can be employed.

Q7 Can solutions be created for interation between me and my client?

Yes. A bespoke solution is built to our clients specification. we can create and deliver solutions that connect you to your partners & customers.

Q1 Do Kaber Helm only consult on matters involving technology & software integration?

Our team offers a wide range of consultancy support, from general onsite process improvment to more intricate projects involving the digitization of processes.   

Q2 How many consultants can i have at once?

The whole Kaber Helm team can be utilized from a consultation point of view. Depending on the size of your project depends on the skill sets required. where this is applicable more than one consultant can be assigned to your project at once.

Q3 Is consultancy handled remotely?

It can be. We offer remote & on-site assistance, depending on the complexity of the project we make a recommendation however this is really at the hands of the client.

Q4 Is consultancy only offered to companies in Scotland?

No. As we offer a remote service we can be communicated with from anywhere in the world, alternativley we can visit your site.

Q5 Do Kaber Helm offer 3rd Party/Partnered consultancy?

Yes. Kaber Helm will happily work with other companies to deliver consultation that eventually improves either internal processes or the customer experience.

Q6 What industries do you consult for?

We can offer services to the majority of industries that use software and have requirements to improve processes. Industries include financial, retail, oil & gas and manufacturing to name a few.



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