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While in London visiting Jag Supplies in the summer of 2019, we got the opportunity to meet the managing director of Schools Office Service (SOS), acquaintances of Jags, who had been looking for a smart and easy way to manage policy documentation and compliance certifications. for their clients. They wanted a way to arrange to visit their clients' sites to update certifications when required and to get summarised overviews of their clients compliance on several areas including health and safety management and facilities management.

After a brief meeting where we brainstormed ideas, solutions and covered all the absolute requirements of the system, our team were finally in a position to start bringing a spec together for a system which would help increase the visibility of client compliance and certification across the board, but also allow them to individual manage and report on aspects of their business model.

Category Element View, Showing Certificate & Policy Documents

Once we returned to Fife, our mission was clear, we had drawn out the foundations of a custom document management system and we had details of the exact spec required to complement their current business processes as well as their customers' expectations. Building the system in the 12-week lead time was now our objective, with the summer holidays in full swing, we had to deliver the finished product before the return of the schools. 

One of the first pieces produced for this system was the document manager itself, enabling users to upload, view and download documents - dependant on permissions - and the mechanism for encrypting these documents as they enter the system. One of the ease of use functions added to this was to view document histories and track changes - this can be seen above from a clients perspective view their own documents.

The next step was to introduce categorisation and introduce elements to each of the categories, these elements each having their own policy and, in turn, their own certificates - From an admin perspective, the volume of elements within each category can be updated to suit changes in legislation. Using our inbuilt notification system, all users and clients are updated when these changes are made.

Client Dashboard View Showing Progress Towards Full Compliance

Among various details and pieces of information saved for each policy and certificate, one of the key data points this system relies on is the given expiry date for certificates and policies. Using the expiry of these documents meant we could prioritise work and help to schedule assessments and audits easier.

Linking our system calendar to each user's individual google calendar, we were able to drive down the number of interactions required to agree on assessment dates. All users can find the details within their google calendars now automatically and within the system where they can manage thier availability.

Now that we had the main modules in the system, the document management, the client-facing user interfaces and calendar to Google, it was time to start adding the cherries on the top! As standard, all systems are  built with permissions systems - sometimes they are implemented later depending on the development cycle and the features that need to be added - and this system was no different. Other added features include site management, some advanced user management and audit tools to maintain internal compliance.

Finally, we had to help summarise the data contained in the system to help give SOS, and their clients, a quick overview of their position and the outstanding tasks against their names. To tackle this we introduced dashboards and reporting, once again driven through the use of our permissions system. From the user perspective, the dashboard displays each applicable category to the business and their compliance coverage (referencing due dates). SOS has the ability to view individual dashboards but also has access to a client overview dashboard with a few other insightful metrics.


In the end, SOS received their completed system prior to the schools returning and within the 12-week lead time - each of the features they asked for was included and a few others were added just to make their lives easier. Document management has become a hot topic but SOS are now covered and secured!


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