Making MintCV Accessible to the Masses

Making MintCV Accessible to The Masses

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One of the most rewarding projects we have done internally at Kaber Helm is to create the MintCV brand and give people the tools and information they need to produce a kick-ass CV in as little as 20 mins! However, through the initial testing period with Fife Council & various other members of the public, one of the key issues highlighted was the accessibility and ease of use for users with learning difficulties. 

While designing extra measures and features to support users with difficulties, one of the main things we wanted to do as a matter of research was to see the kind of support provided by other CV creation suites and information-based services aimed at helping create better content for CVs, Surprisingly, there were not as many smart or innovative features to these sites as we thought we would find. Though this was disappointing for the current state of CV builders, it was an opportunity none the less.

As we had already constructed the foundation of the system, this time around it was easier to simply add some new functionality to the system. 

One of the first things we investigated was our use of fonts and identifying ones that were easy on the eyes for those with reading difficulties. We decided to expand our choice of useable fonts to 6 - which included Comic Sans and Open Dyslexic.

Further to adding new fonts, we allowed users to change the size and thickness of the text, as well as the colour of the text and the background it is shown on.

With the addition of these new features, we hope that our service will be more appealing to those with reading difficulties and will help to support more individuals to create fresh new vibrant CVs. 

The cherry on top - which also acts as a foundation to further development - was the addition of a personal details section which would allow users to fill in their name and address on their accounts and have it automatically populated in their CVs. We also started collecting data on current employment statuses, industries of current and desired work and finally favourite colours. Our hope for this data is to be able to steer users towards tailored advice for their industry and their employment situation.

Since MintCV is a project that is close to our hearts and one we have a big vision for in the long run, we will continue to update the service and keep all of you updated when we do!


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