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Working with quite a few companies in London has its benefits, especially when our clients are interconnected with businesses having the same kinds of problems or at least problems of the same kind of nature. This is true for the case of Locksons property who were introduced to us thanks to one of our other London based clients. Locksons required help to gain some digital presence, mainly to help answer the questions that were being continually asked by potential clients. Working closely with Liz - who runs Locksons property management - we were able to identify websites that she liked, styles she was happy with and work on how to make all the information she wanted clients to have access to easy to navigate and read!

With the scope set, it was time to start taking action and bring Liz's vision to life. One of our newest team members, Lukasz, was tasked with helping to run the project and deliver a clean-look, five-page content-based site. For just one week, Lukasz and the team worked to bring aspects from similar projects together in order to help Liz achieve her first website.

The aim was to develop a reasonably simple website and get the majority of the important facts over to the user quickly and easily. In the end, we styled it on a white canvas to help with the clean crisp feel. All photography was of London, given the location of the business and drop-down boxes were implemented for holding information relevant to specific questions, this made it easier to segment and helped when reading it back - much more attractive than walls of text.

In the end, Lukasz was able to complete this within the quoted lead time, Liz was over the moon that she now had a website styled similarly to other sites she like the look of, and the Kaber Helm team was happy that we were able to help another customer achieve their goals. Locksons bespoke website is now live and Liz has been sending customers there to help handle their queries. Once again another success for the team!


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