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Jag Supplies has become our longest served client since starting the Kaber Helm journey. From managing their product categorisation for upload to their website, the redesign of their website itself and now onto helping them manage their products in the warehouse, our journey has been a long journey, bumpy at times, but ultimately a giant learning curve in helping us to realise the true - and hidden - potential of implementing systems that can be linked together when supporting a business.

As part of a new business model, Darren - Jag Supplies Managing Director - had approached us and asked if we would be able to support him with the introduction of a business unit which would involve the storage, delivery and collection of multiple assets. Straight off the bat, the answer was yes!

Through a process mapping exercise, we were able to plan all the user interfaces (UIs) that would be required and started assigning functions that would be needed. During this stage, we also took the time to discuss reporting & dashboards - what data we had, what data we needed and what we could do with it.

Over the coming weeks, the team got the wheels into action fast - our lead time was set by their contract activation which was 10 weeks from our planning session - and oosh that's tight!

Customer Facing Menu on Jags Newest Solution

Browsing Products in Jags Warehousing System

Areas of this build were pieces we had seen before - such as product entry and management, so with a little bit of jiggery pokery, we were able to create a few modules for the system early on - this included the cataloguing system too!

 Once the foundations of the system were in place, it was time to start working on a few of the smarter and more advanced features for the system and the reports needed, these include:

  • Cart and checkout system
  • Item Movement History
  • Alternate Project & Product Views 
  • Product Reservation System
  • Smart Stock Discrepancy Reporting 
  • Dynamic search bar (name/SKU/manufacturer)
  • Product tags
  • Understocked Orders Management
  • Product Importer & Exporter
  • User Groupings & Custom Permissions
  • Product Conditions 

Jags Warehousing System Highlighting Understocked Assets

Though there was a tight timeline on this project, we managed to hit the testing period within 9 weeks - which is still tight for the record! From this point, we were able to adopt the "Hardcore Software Testing" approach. this essentially means anytime a change is made a full-scale test is run once again right up until the issue point. Adopting this approach allows us to ensure when we fix one thing we don't go and break something else...the joys of software development!

Following a successful test period, we were ready to go live! Jag Supplies client who would be using this system was greeted with our newly developed system on time, and they were delighted by our system - in comparison to their previous service provider - which made us a really happy and excitable team. This project proved that we don't crack under pressure, sometimes this is where we come up with our smartest working practices.

Jag Supplies is continuing to build on to this system currently to provide a better service offering to his clients and remain competitive. This was an enjoyable project, which in turn led to Jag supplies being able to expand their business, this is one of the main reasons the Kaber Helm team enjoy their jobs. To help others is to help ourselves!

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