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Towards the end of 2018, we ere approached by P2ML engineering, who had been living in the ideal world and looking at how to make their processes more efficient including through the use of custom software and technology - right up our street! The first project the P2ML team had in mind us surrounded their inspection process for radio masts, and how they report the faults and findings back to the customer. Like many companies all over the world - nevermind in the UK - P2ML were still manually processing data through Microsoft Word and Excel, continually double handing information, and subject to less than streamlined process steps. From inspection to report publication was between 1 and 2 weeks. The scope of the project was to dramatically reduce this lead time and give more options for the editorial piece of the reporting process.

As per, our first step with any project is to get close to the process to understand all the data capture, utilisation and the transaction steps between various members of the team. Given the nature of the business, this meant some of the Kaber Helm team were lucky enough to go onsite with the client and watch one of these inspections taking place. These exercises are usually crucial to the success and understanding of a project - especially a project as big as this. We were able to highlight waste throughout their process, but their need to digitize and step up the game on this process was visually evident almost immediately!

The starting point of the project was driven through the need to reduce paper for recording issues but looked at other aspects including how to marry up appropriate picture evidence, and how to ensure allow for quality checking of the finalized report.

P2ML had thought of serval ways of doing this but wanted to use 2 separate devices to inspect these towers and have them speak to each other. Given these reports contain pictures, the Kaber Helm team were all thrown 10 years into the past when we used to use Bluetooth for sending pictures to friends. this seemed like the perfect time to introduce a built-in tool that not many businesses get the benefit of.

Now that we had thought about how we would keep these devices synced and had seen the process first hand, discovering the bugbears and the opportunities, it was time to head back to HQ and bring this task to life!

P2ML Reporting Tool showing main summary

Over the course of the following 12 weeks, Andrew Spiers took lead on the project delivering 2 separate apps to the client, each with their own functionalities. One app was mainly used for data collection and collation while the other was driven on taking and categorizing picture evidence for easy assignment. Each app feeds their information back to one central database that can be accessed from a tailor-made portal online. The online portals main purpose is to act as quality control with editing power to finalise the document before downloading the completed report.

Two connected devices using Bluetooth

The end of this development cycle was met with several onsite intensive test periods. The quality of our products is crucial to the success of our company and our clients' development process - We did write a small article about this in our news section!

In the end, P2ML were impressed with their applications and the initial feedback was great! the changes to the processing of their data and reporting allowed for a reduction in the time it takes to produce a report and minimized the margin of error significantly when moving from paper to a central database.

Now that this project is complete, the Kaber Helm team are working with P2ML to discuss further wins for their company using software and tech integrations. Keep your eyes open!


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