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One of our biggest accomplishments as a company has been to start a professional partnership with Redefine Design agency. We have worked with them on various projects from KaberSight to our newest, MintCV. Each time we work together the ideas flow and the knowledge and determination is vibrant; That aside though, they still had alot of manual work to...

Most of this work was in relation to their customers and relation to their contracts.

The needed a place to very quickly and very easily, add customers and the contracts they were working on so that they could keep track & ensure all projects were finished on time in full.

The easiet way to do this? A Brand New CRM!

This system had to agile, fast, and was built to their very needs. We had a challenge on our hands of knocking out non-value-added time to allow them to focus on designing & drawing!

The system has many key features that Redefine can utilise on a recurring basis or even just as and when:

+ A dynamic departure board showing jobs due

+ Automated job scheduling & project breakdown

+ The ability to attach email & images for proof

+ Secure datbase for contracts & certificates

+ Reports to show use of time along with various other powerful reports...

We wanted to push ourselves with this one as well as help redefine manage themselves and their customers, all in one solution!

Image Above: Showing user details for Kaber Helm as a customer of Redefine

Image Above: Entry Form For New Customers

This build has been worth its weight in gold for redefine, allowing them the extra time to manage customer records and also sheduling their jobs and future contracts early to work out their priorities. This was an enjoyable build that had a few developmental walls in the process - something we are used to, and have lots of fun smashing! - but as per usual, we managed to deliver the product in time, helping them file stuff away in the run up to christmas.

If you are interested in a custom built CRM or any other software package, please contact us, and see if we could help you today!


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