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Since March of 2018, Kaber Helm have been Involved with helping Dr Wendy Sneddon of Lodestone Lounge, design and create a HR software solution which puts the power in the employee's hands. This system was to be called GEMS (Great Employee Management System). Wendy had come to us armed with a cause, a vision and a features list which was engineered to relive a lot of the stress felt by HR Managers around the country.

On a High level, the build was like any ordinary HR Solution, we needed to track employees, their hours, their salaries & obviously their holidays. On top of this though, Wendy wanted us to add a few more modules. The need for everyone to be able to view & see policy updates was essential from a compliance perspective, being able to track expenses against employees was crucial for financial reporting,

Through this design and implementation process, we started to grow a self-service system that was tailored not only to the HR manager - making their days easier - but to the employees themselves. Now staff can apply for their own holidays, edit their own personal information and even apply for job posts, all in 1 central location!

GEMS is a multiplatform application' so it can be utilised by companies who have many staff out and about to make things easier, this can also be an effective way of reporting absence from staffs phones in the morning before their shift.

With 25 major settings modules all including their own sub-module settings, GEMS is a HR machine when it comes to adaptability and customization, all modules are designed to meet your businesses HR Model.

Other advantages & features include:

  • The Ability to Manage Client Details
  • Online Time Sheet Recording
  • Run Dynamic Payroll Reporting
  • Communal Noticeboard
  • Self-contained Messaging System
  • Task Lists and live Action Lists
  • Award and Recognition Module
  • And Much More!

In August of 2018, GEMS was over the line and ready to be used by companies all over!

View of Employee Information Graphs

Being a web application, using servers to control data, we had one final hurdle to get through with Wendy. What is the process for a user to sign up and get Access to version specifically for their company only...

To do this we moved Wendy for a word press based set up to a bespoke website. Going bespoke we were able to load in operational procedures to distribute a new system when one is signed up for. We can successfully report that Wendy's new GEMS Website is fully operational and can automatically set up GEMS systems in the background, this leaves the user time to read up on the system & take a look at the setup guide.

To wrap up this phase of the project, Wendy was presented with 2 sets of documentation - created inhouse by ourselves - one set was the technical set-up looking at the complexities of the system & setting up modules like, clocking, standard holidays and contract upload criteria. The second document was user documentation to help employees & super users first navigate the system. Though GEMS was designed to be intuitive, sometimes a bit of reference doesn't go a miss!

We will be attending the Scottish Business Exhibition (SBE) in November 2018 with Dr Wendy Sneddon to help promote the GEMS system and the services on offer. Until then, we are still actively involved with Wendy, always looking to improve what we already have. Keep up to date with Kaber Helm for the latest news on GEMS, and to see how the team get on at the SBE.

First 4 Pages of GEMS User Documentation


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