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In November of 2017, ourselves and Redefine Design hit a cross-roads. We wanted to combine our skill sets into a project to help the general public... Though this was a wide net, it didn't take us long before we found something we believed we could help people with, their CVs.

Most people view their CV as a task that takes lots of time, effort & most importantly brain power. We wanted people to view their CVs as something more than that, quite simply, because they are!

MintCV launched on January 22, 2018. We needed a launch in time for the January job rush to ensure that we capture an audience of people who's New Years resolution was to find a new job, or perhaps go after that dream job of theirs! More information will be published as MintCV evolves...

To the left you can see one of the advertisement images produced by Redefine to capture the eyes of potential customers.

The site has been designed to be mobile friendly too!

Working with recruiters & HR departments across Scotland, we developed MintCV.

Using professional designs provided by Redefine Design, we were able to construct an easy-to-use form based system to help all members of the general public fill in their data and receive a brand new CV at the other end.

To do this we had to consider several things:

- Education & how to fill out a CV

- Designs that were not too vibrant or OTT!

- How to help those with learning difficulties

- Who to work with to help us build this

Through December we worked on getting our educational pieces written up and checked. We wanted to create a dynamic education aimed at the user and their experience level, and some of their personal tastes.

One of the most fulfilling parts of this project was testing the designs and content in real HR departments & allowing our beta test group - of real unemployed individuals - to apply for jobs using their brand new CVs!


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