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All companies know what they need to achieve, not all companies fully understand how they achieve this though...

In July of 2017, Kaber Helm was given the opportunity to support Learn to Trade - based in London - by helping map all their processes on both  high and Low Levels. This exercise helped senior management from the company to understand the roles of their employees in detail, to map the interaction points between departments and to ensure each department isn't double handling within processes.

While on-site we spoke with employees from all departments, including remote employees based in the Philippines, in order to grasp the true scale of their operation with all intricacies. From these sessions we were able to produce interactive documents that showed self contained department flows, as well as, the low level map showing all departmental connections & trigger points. 

The Information was compiled into an easy to read format, this allowed various members of their team and ours to carry out analysis.

Having all processes documented, easily accessible and editable Is crucial from an understanding and improvement perspective, especially in organizations with global operations.

At the end of this project all mapping was handed over to learn to trade along with an executive summary report stating things that we had noticed with advice on how to tack issues and solve problems.

Image Above: Dashboard home screen for Learn to trade process flows

Continuing this project, we will be returning to London early 2018 to commence a second stage with Learn to trade focussing on their data streams and utilization. This has been quite an exciting project that has given us exposure to the financial industry, we look forward to future work with Learn to trade and supporting them on their business improvement cycle!


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