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Every business knows that they need to be efficient; Every business knows that it needs to be improving if it is to survive...

knowing how todo that though, that isn't always easy or visible straight from the word go! This was the story for Jag Supplies in London.

Jag Supplies is a retail based website dealing in catering and hospitality goods. To do this they work with many vendors and advertise products through their website before shipping them to customers. To upload on of these products though was a long and laborious task that involved alot of manual excel intervention. In 6 months, 2500 products had been uploaded manually.

Our aim was to fix this!

JSPM Showing different grid views for data

We enabled Jag Supplies to edit Single Products or Multiple at once

Jags uses a variety of systems to operate, as you can see from the picture to the left, above, we added specific views for both linked systems, allowing them to view data structures that they were familiar with already! This aided in ease of use massivley. They could now import full supplier catalogues in order to both select the product they would like to import, but also easily categorize these products by type and by specific selling ranges.

Category Set-up in JSPM

To the left again, you will see a category tree for the Jag Supplies Project Manager (JSPM). This is easy to add, remove and amend items and has definitely had an impact of the number of products they can have ready for upload on even a daily basis.

Below is a look into our 'supplier plugin' base. As each supplier had their own catalogue format, we took to creating a solution that could do its own allignments, once again this saved time on manual formatting of an excel file and the manual upload to the website.

Supplier Rule-sets allow the JSPM to handle any format in any order

Among the many features we provided to Jag Supplies, one of the most crucial was the export and image matching capabilities from their image bank - held on a remote server. For this we created a search and match algorithm related to the product number and title.

In all, since working with jags supplies, we have taken them from a 5 minute part entry process to allowing them to categorize (and have ready for upload), 8,000 products in a single week!

Due to the extent of the saving and Jag Supplies continued growth, they came back to us in February 2018 for an E-commerce Solution! Take a look here!


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