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Following our success with the Jag Supplies Product Manager (JSPM) and our continued support over the months, Jag Supplies asked us to support them in expanding their 2,500 product E-commerce system. Naturally, the chance to help streamline & automate internal processes was seized! The end goal being to have a responsive, easy to use catalogue containing all 15,000 products categorised using the JSPM.

Jag Supplies managing Director, Darren Frendo, knew what he wanted when he came to us. Not only did the store have to be user friendly & easy to use on the front end for his customers, but, it was essential that there was specific functionality for his teams back in the office and on the road!

Over the course of a month we were able to pull together material Darren had previously written for his website along with product data output from the JSPM. That left the look and feel of the website and the custom admin functions needed for JAGS staff on the back end...


Fair to say we had our work cut out for ourselves.

Work began by assembling the product database & cataloguing system. For this Darren want his whole store driven on his categories - as you can see from the grey navigation menu in the picture to the right. We needed the ability to dynamically use the category set-up Darren had created in the JSPM & always allow for new entries.

You can see the category selector, visible while browsing products, alongside an image of the custom built category tree in the JSPM.

Jag Supplies Homepage

Browsing the Dispenser category on JAGS Website.(JSPM category tree - inset)

After the cataloguing system was complete we needed to get the homepage design out of the way! this required responsive carousels, promotions & social media content from both Instagram and YouTube.

Now that we had products and the website looked nice, it was time to get it working! Standard functionality for customers included:

  • Cart and checkout system
  • Payment gateways (Stripe/PayPal)
  • Product comparison feature
  • Product viewing history
  • Product wishlist
  • Basic Search Filters
  • Dynamic search bar (name/SKU/manufacturer)
  • Product tags
  • Social media links for sharing

Product Sold by Jag Supplies

With the client facing functions done, our final area of focus before a final test & once over was to install functions for staff in a dashboard/admin area.

Some of the functions requested would enable members of the team on the road to be made aware of changes faster, and some of them were standard E-commerce system functions:

  • Ability to Track and process orders from receipt to invoice
  • Reporting functionality for financials
  • Reporting functionality for Orders & product details
  • Product importer & exporter
  • Automated scheduled back-ups
  • SEO Capabilities
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Easy to use blog engine
  • Plus so much more....

JAGS are now up and running & we're delighted to be helping them continue growing & developing!

We are currently working on further projects with JAGS, so keep your eyes open!


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