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One of the larger projects Kaber Helm has been actively involved in recently has had us working alongside Dot Telecom, based in Edinburgh. Dot's managing Director Tom Galivan came to us in August 2018 after speaking to several software companies had told him the system he was looking to have built "wasn't possible". Anyone who has worked with us or knows us will know that we think nothing is impossible... These are the projects we get out of bed for!

After meeting with Tom at his headquarters, it was easy to see what he was asking for wasn't impossible at all. Dot Telecom required a tailored software solution to enable them to manage active projects and money matters based on their live-action processes, and not have them dictated by an off the shelf system. From hearing about the problems Tom and his team were running into, to hearing about the features that would make their days more productive, we managed to start designing a user-orientated cloud-based system.

It's always important not to over complicate projects and "bring it back to basics." The First pieces of the system we implemented were run of the mill project management tools, these allowed Tom and his team to set up projects of their own, assign project owners in the form of managers and even delegate tasks to other users.

Once we got the basics done, it was time to take our programmatic chainsaw to the code and start moulding what we had built around Dot's physical process. This, in turn, added new levels of complexity to the solution, but this is also where we get to do the brainy programming magic!

After nailing down the project management section of the system our job was to start assigning values against tasks and start getting their project management solution talking to their financial systems via API calls. Following successful sandbox testing, we were able to sign off on the demo and start completing some real sample invoices and processing them straight to the customer.


Dot Telecom's Invoicing solution - that just so happens to project manage - was almost complete.

Dot Telecom Solution Dashboard

Approaching the end of the project from a functional point of view usually always leads us on to report generation. When it comes to business, data and analytics are the future, and all strategic business decisions should be based on real data. Some of the reporting implemented was for the benefit of the project managers, this included missing PO report, so they could chase customers for projects that had no unique identifiers yet - this had been a bugbear for Dot for a wee while.

Toward the end of the test period, our final tasks were to host the application, carry out training and supply documentation for users. The solution was successfully completed for the start of September 2018 to the delight of the employees at Dot Telecom!

Following the completion of the system, Dot Telecom asked for a new piece to be added to the system which we were over the moon to hear about. Kaber Helm is still actively developing software for Dot Telecom and we have our fingers crossed we can support Dot for a little while to come yet. Keep your eyes peeled for our next updates and case study!


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