Party Time For DCM Events As New Website Goes Live

Party Time For DCM Events As New Website Goes Live

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At the start of September this year (2018), Kaber Helm got a very special opportunity to work with another company in our local area looking to widen their horizons and be able to take more enquiries without just hoping that someone stumbled across their leaflets or business cards. That company was DCM Promotions and events also based in Glenrothes.

Working with the managing director, Dean Macrae, we were able to break down the company’s current marketing & sales processes, this allowed us to identify key pain points for Dean and his team. Doing this we picked up on several issues from intensive paper working processes to unutilised data, from here we had to string together a plan of action.

The first step was to identify the most time-consuming task for Dean and his team. From our findings, an average of 2 hours was spent repeating the same description of services to potential clients... and thats daily! Why? Simply because there was no central place for DCM to advertise their products and services. Though we don't want to remove human communication, we certainly want to minimize the need constantly explain the same things over and over again... There are more productive things to be doing!

To combat this our first thoughts were to build a website. We explained the need to have a central place to attract people to. With an online solution you can manage not only customers, but staff as well - side tracking though... First, the objective was to allow DCM to effectively advertise their services under their own brand and claim time back for more beneficial tasks.

Mobile & Desktop Showcase

We started pulling together content and trying to bring order to the madness, Dean had already categorized most of the services but only really in his head and personal paper work collection, not much use to anyone else though.

After clearly defining these categories, we got to work placing imagery and content in order to provide a basic information site for those interested in DCMs Event Services.

Another task was scored of the list thanks to the website too! Application forms were collected in various mediums including hard copies, to emails to fb attachments. We had to centralise that and install a process. Now those interested in working with DCM can get a copy of the application form in seconds and even subscribe for job alerts!

In Just a few weeks we have been able to help Dean and his team get useful information about their services out there and within public reach.

Kaber Helm's own managing director, Stewart Gray, stepped in on an adhoc basis to help Dean design business cards in a similar theme to his website. After exploring colours and textures, Stewart and Dean soon got to work creating samples. After a few tweaks here and there, the designs were finally signed off as completed by DCM and sent to the printers. You can see the reverse side design below.

New DCM Business Cards - Reverse Side

Looking to the future, Kaber Helm will continue their work with DCM to install management systems and make the daily lives of their staff easier. Other projects are now underway focusing on other areas of the business and their admin requirements..

In the meantime, we will continue to advise on web strategy and how to keep their customer base up to date and engaged.

Watch this space for the latest from Kaber Helm & DCM!


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