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Stepping into Stock Control With Andersen Caledonia

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Industries like, health care & pharmaceuticals have strict guidelines surrounding stock management and reporting of defects. When Andersen Caledonia came to us regarding their stock control we knew this wouldn't be a small task, or an easy one!

Andersen Caledonia is the largest independent supplier of sterilisation and infection control services in the UK, this meant getting down to the nitty gritty from the start to ensure complete process compliance. While working on this project we also wanted to implement a few of the nice to haves that would make the daily tasks of the employees easier.

Through the initial design stage we identified many of the issues needing tackled from the compliance point of view and the operational point of view. Some of the requirements that had to be met straight off the bat included a multiplatform build to work on tablets used in their warehouse, a wide range of reporting to help support their business needs and a few pieces of software "Jiggery Pokery" to help them around some of their industry specific issues.

As with all stock management solutions, the first thing we needed to do was build an admin feature to allow us to add basic stock levels, so we could continue to develop while being able to actively test the module we were working on.

Goods recieved section of the AC Stock Control Software

Pick list creation tool

From having the basic stock and part set-up modules created it was time to start looking at how we process additional stock into the system and how we take out stock that has been ordered by a client.

Some of the sections & features this system has:

  • Goods Received (Book-In)
  • Part Management Tools
  • Pick List Creation
  • Pack & Dispatch (Consumption)
  • Live Stock reporting by status
  • Algorithm Driven Part Selection for Picking
  • And Quite a Few More

Working with Andersen Caledonia allowed us to look at stock control from a new perspective, There were processes which involved managing parts slightly differently to anything we had ever seen. The team love the challenge of trying to get to grips with new processes and trying to come up with innovative ways of making them easier and more efficient!

Last but not least we had to build a suite of reports to help the Andersen Caledonia team work smarter. These included lead time-based reports for the purchasing team to stay one step ahead, financial reporting to ease the manual burden or reporting and of course activity logging for full system traceability. After 3 months of development, Andersen Caledonia now has a more robust stock control application which is more agile than their previous system and is built to fit around their processes.

The team were delighted with their new system and the time savings and peace of mind that came with it. Kaber helm are currently delivering small tweaks to help optimize performance and give further insight for their senior management team. It has been a pleasure to work with Andersen Caledonia, hopefully there will be some future opportunities here too...


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