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Kaber Helm has been actively involved with Bahrain's NHRA since October of 2017. Aside from building a tracking solution for their hospital & health center audits, we have been helping them to refine their process to try & reduce data handling, all while keeping everyone on the same page! As a result of their audits, recommendations are provided for each hospital based on partially and not met criteria. Once the audits are completed, this information is relayed to the hospitals, so it can be fixed. This is where we step in!

Though our audit tracking solution held information about recommendations, the NHRA wanted something more refined and tailored specifically to deal with them, and track the milestones needing completed. In January of 2018 we went back to the drawing board to start creating another agile solution to be used across the country.

From our original audit tracker, each hospital was issued with a list of recommendations recorded by auditors. Each hospitals actions were simple, amend the recommendation to maintain accreditation.

From the original report, milestones are written up by each hospital - these act as the process for getting from a partially/not met standard to a fully met standard. The NHRAs management team wanted to monitor this live and review regularly.

The NHRA wanted the ability to look at multiple metrics at once - as they did before - in order to drive themselves to the root cause of an issue faster. This was also required to ensure they were focusing on the correct element.

Having each hospital update their own progress daily allows for auditors to follow what hospitals are working on at any given time and advise if they should change their focus. It also allows for live data analytics.

The NHRA are still tracking changes from their audits completed in Q4 2017. Working with the NHRA we feel we have broken down their perceptions regarding software & its limitations....

We are continuing to work with Dr Amena Malik on improving their internal processes & hopefully will trigger an innovative spell for Bahrain's health Sector!

We hope to be sharing more work from Bahrain Very shortly so please keep an eye out!

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