Case Studies

Case Studies & Customer Journeys

One of the best parts of our job is sharing in the successes of our clients after helping them understand and overcome their problems.

Below you can see some of the clients we have worked with and read about their journeys with Kaber Helm.

P2ML Engineering

P2ML came to Kaber Helm asking us to help them reduce the lead time on inspection reporting and the process they use for reporting. The end result has helped revolutionize their reporting structure and report lead times!

Locksons Property Management

Helping Locksons Property Management to establish a digital presence was crucial to give their customers a central point of information. we managed to give them their own "go to" place in just 7 days

Jag Supplies Product Management

From only being able to categorize and upload 2,500 products in 6 months to having an additional  8,000 products ready in 20hrs... Read about the 98% time saving

Jag Supplies Bespoke Website

After using WordPress and only finding paid addons that didn't fully do what they wanted, Jag Supplies wanted exact features built around their processes, and thats what they got!

Jag Supplies Project #3

Available July 28th

Mint CV Launch

CV writing has never been so quick, painless & easy! See how we have taken the age old task and innovated to produce a CV that stands out in under 30 Minutes!

Mint CV - Version 2 Release

Available August 11th

Dot Telecom Invoicing & Project Tracking

Read how we helped DCM promote their services by giving them a website to help handle enquiries and customer questions

Dot Telecom Project #2

Available August 15th

GEMS - Great Employee Management System

GEMS was designed and built to ease the painful and menial parts of the HR manager.

Check out the system spec and see how GEMS was built with the users in mind

DCM Promotions & Events

Read how we helped DCM promote their services by giving them a website to help handle enquiries and customer questions, saving £120 p/w in admin fees!

Little Miss Raffles

Creating this raffle based site for our client was an amazing project where got to play with many new systems. The end result allowed our client to form a brand new stream of income quickly!

Available July 27th

Andersen Caledonia

When your business deals in the supply and distribution of products, stock control is essential. Our project with Andersen Caledonia seen a massive time saving in physical processes & reporting functions.

Redefine Design Agency

See how we managed to save redefine over 15 Hours of admin and processing per week!

Thats 760 Hours a year, over £5000 per annum Saving

Learn To Trade - Mapping The Business

Mapped 450+ manual & automatic process transactions to provide business insight and strategic direction based on the current state of the business.


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