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In October of 2017, the NHRA – Bahrain’s main health regulatory body – contacted us regarding a content management and reporting system which would require additional prioritisation metrics and project tracking capabilities. This build would be used to capture and review data from audit documents relating to each hospital in the country, as well as, crunch the numbers to produce many reports and visualise multiple metrics.

To paint a clearer picture, there previous process involved manual nearly 400 qualitative data points and hand-written recommendations from each of the 25 hospitals… Though 10,000 data points is miniscule in comparison to sales systems and CRMs crunching away all the time, when it comes to something as important as health care, AND needs to be detailed actions for each elements criterion, things become laborious and time consuming!

Image Above: Condensed Data manipulation screen for fast access & ease of use

For this project we had to implement methods of saving, retrieving, and editing data quickly, ensuring that all reporting was update live due to action priorities.

To the left you will see one screen from our build displaying the data Entry/manipulation screen. Designed to navigate quickly through each element in the audit.

As aposed to their previous method of logging all detail on to spreadsheets with multiple tabs, this solution compiles all data into the one place.

Having all this data meant one other thing though, we could play with visuals! As part of this project we spent time working on ways of quickly visualising issues and manipulating data quickly to answer pressing questions...

One of the really fun aspects of this project was working out how to best convey not only the qualatitve datas' properties but also to show this as a percentage to completion which could be activley updated when required.

This led on to probably the biggest question they wanted an answer to... Where do hospitals need the most support? For this, we needed to work on methods of scalably showing the performance of an element on aggregate(Shown right).

Needless to say we built in many reporting funtions and ways to measure their internal metrics gaining insight into hospital performance and elemental performance in one solution.

Image Above: View of sub element performance graph

This solution was created to record, edit and manipulate data from all hospitals in Bahrain and be a step forward from their current process.

The solution was reviewed in mid-Novemeber and given the green light, minus a few development adjustments here and there before our final release.

Following this project, we were asked to support the NHRA in tracking & reporting on their recommendations & ensure team visiability of progress. read more here!


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