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It's not just what we do, but the way we do it... digital transformation is science and art at the same time
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Our job is simple, make your work processes easier so you can make decisions quicker and increase your businesses profitability. To do this we have designed a customer journey that inspires change and drives creative innovation in your business. Digital transformation has many great benefits which will be felt by everyone involved in the process.

Spend less time processing and more time understanding your business

Consolidate manual tasks into automated tasks and create standardised reports

Keep everyone connected and utilise cloud-based systems for seamless working

Manage and monitor your business from anywhere with multiplatform systems

Achieving operational success together

While process improvement to increase efficiency and profitability is the service we offer, software is the tool we use. Having identified opportunities for process improvement we can offer software solutions that drive efficiency, profitability and productivity. At a time when there is a wealth of technological and software solutions, we bridge the gap between the challenge and the solution.

We don’t do software for the sake of software; we deliver it as a solution to everyday business challenges. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your business as well as affordable off the shelf solutions. The first step is identifying where your challenges and opportunities lie.

research and review
Understanding is key

The first step is that we will review your current processes and then actually watch you and your team for a day going through the processes. Following the research carried out that day, we will map out the process – as it is currently operating – in detail so we have a full and real picture of how the process works in practice. In our experience managers and owners are often very shocked by the time, steps and work involved in their own processes having never seen it displayed transaction by transaction.

Benefits of this step:
  • Learning process cycle times
  • Assessing value-add and non-value-add activities
  • Identifying process waste
Process Mapping and Planning
Visualisation of the process

The next step is that we will map out your ideal process including the objectives of what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. One of the things we will identify is the physical waste in the process. For example, unnecessary steps that could be removed from the process, the number of interactions and information both digitally and physically, involved in the process as well as the number of platforms and systems required.

The result is that we will make a number of recommendations on how you can reduce and streamline the process and where we can digitise, automate, and optimise it. 

Benefits of this step:
  • Aligned understanding of the process
  • Categorisation of process waste
  • Development opportunities
Development Operations
The real magic of digital transformation

Having mapped out and identified your ideal process we then develop the software and systems required to achieve it. We deliver weekly progress reports including action lists. The average project takes 4 – 6 months to deliver.

Once developed we go through a testing period to ensure that the system, software and process is robust and will achieve your objectives. The stress testing of your system takes on average month. During this final month of testing, we will train you and your team. We will also develop and deliver a set of detailed instructions for reference which are also invaluable when a new member joins your business or team.

Benefits of this step:
  • Tailored systems built specifically for you
  • Focus on your actual pain points
  • Automation of repetitive manual tasks
The proof is in the pudding…

Having delivered your new software and system we will support you embedding it in your business and help with any technical questions or challenges you have. After the first month, we will also check back in with you for feedback.

We work ongoing with many clients after the initial release and implementation of systems if this is an option you would like to explore. Working with clients from many industries helps us sharpen our skills and continue to help each of our customers innovate.

We also have a range of support packages available.

Benefits of this step:
  • Quantifying the change
  • Realising financial savings and future potential
  • Peace of mind
Many clients have been through our customer journey,
learning about their businesses as we investigate what is actually happening.