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We’re on a mission to start a conversation with you in this fast-paced world. Let’s discover, build, innovate and grow your business digitally.
about the HELM
We are a dynamic team of creative people who have a passion for problem-solving and technology.

Our key belief is that if you want to succeed and continue to grow in our current markets you must be implementing and using software and technology to remain competitive and drive business development by increasing the value of the customer offering. Using Technology to keep your customers updated and in the loop saves time and money, giving you more time to focus on your business!

Kaber Helm provides a deep-dive analysis of your current processes and researches the most effective way to carry out processes and tasks to ensure revenue is maximised. From our findings, we can design and build digital systems to help you manage your business and advise in other areas that require more specialist skills, keeping all of your business aligned and easily scalable at periods of growth.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our client with what they need! We are committed to delivering excellence

No company now is safe from disruption or external factors that impact on the business. At Kaber Helm we work with you to identify where there is wasted effort and inefficiency in your business to improve your performance in what is often a challenging landscape. What makes our approach unique is that we are business efficiency experts who use software solutions to directly impact on and improve your business performance and profitability.

Put the Amazon factor into your business.

Business efficiency is our service, software is our tool.

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life – Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder
Check out our process page to see this in more detail

The first step is reviewing current processes and observing what is happening at each and every step. Using this information we can build models and reports to help identify the areas of concern and opportunity


Following the research period, we begin designing systems and solutions tailored to meet the needs of the business. Systems come in many forms and are designed to complement and work alongside existing systems

develop and implement

Having agreed on a scope for the system, we begin building and enter the development cycle automating and digitising your business step by step. We walk with our customers all the way through their journeys

Planning & Projecting

Fail to prepare – prepare to fail, planning is an essential task

Problem Solving

Problems can be frustrating, but here at the helm, we love them!

Working Hours

There’s no point just talking, ideas come to life through action…


We do this a lot, sometimes in our sleep – honestly!

Business progression doesn’t wait for anyone, don’t be left behind

At Kaber Helm, we have a belief that business should be as easy as it can be. To do this we combine our team’s expertise in management, continuous improvement and software development to create a package that highlights opportunity and creates foundations to move your business forward while installing new controls and data-driven reporting.

Our focus is the quality of our solutions and the value they bring to our customers. Using digital solutions and software to update the way you do business and communicate information creates new opportunities and will make your service offering to your clients more streamlined, data-driven and ultimately attractive. Passing on the value from your efficiency savings to your customers shows you care about their experience and keeping them in the loop.

Digital transformation benefits both you and your customers, from new data insights and reporting tools to apps that enable many team members to work on the same thing at once, the possibilities of digital technology are evergrowing. We are committed to developing new and innovative ways to do business all centred around our customers and their exact needs.

Your growth is our growth!

Safe & Secure

Kaber Helm uses UK-based suppliers for all hosting and data storage purposes in accordance with GDPR guidelines

Expert Support

Our service is not just about installing needless systems and technology, it’s about identifying the strategic opportunity to grow 


Keep everyone connected with cloud-based systems which can be accessed from mobile devices. From absence reporting to revenue dashboards, get information from anywhere in the world  

Growing with our customers since 2017

Kaber Helm was founded by Stewart Gray at the beginning of 2017 in Glenrothes, Fife, with the aim of working alongside clients and modernizing their businesses. The company was the first resident of Fife Councils Enterprise business hub, a modern and stylish coworking space designed specifically for small start-ups. Many clients who we started working with us in 2017 are still with us today and reaping the rewards of digital transformation!

Early 2018 saw the formation of the base team comprising of Stewart Gray, James Anderson and Andrew Spiers which would soon grow to double that size. Using help from Business Gateway and Fife Council, we were able to continue growing and gaining exposure through new opportunities and networking events. Through this period Kaber Helm outgrew the Fife Enterprise Business Hub.

As the team was approaching the need to expand once again the company left Glenrothes, leaving space in the Enterprise Business hub for a new start-up, and moved to the adjacent town Kirkcaldy alongside electronics supplier, Relchron. For the duration of the summer, Kaber Helm operated from Kirkcaldy before returning to Glenrothes.

The final move within Fife was back to Glenrothes where we were based within ITEK House. From here we expanded operations into the telecoms industry and into Oil & Gas. As our customer base grew we started taking on challenges from various other industries which would see us take on projects all the way from Aberdeen to London. 

In the summer of 2019, Kaber Helm expanded within ITEK house occupying a computer lab with an adjoining management office as operations were stepped up to deal with increasing demand for digital transformation and custom software. Our new strategic target for our HQ was Edinburgh, and to bring with us a digital revolution! 

COVID-19 and the ongoing situation across the globe changed the way we do business forever in only a few weeks. Digital strategy and access have never been more important. Our team quickly moved to remote working based on the fact we were already connected and using online platforms. This also gave us an opportunity to look forward and acquire space in Edinburgh.

Working with videographers, photographers and designers Kaber Helm shook up its brand and adopted a more head-on approach marketing and awareness of digital possibilities within the business space. As we continue to grow and deal with the ongoing COVID-19 situation we are still committed to helping our customers grow and advance.