The Kaber Kronicle

The Kaber Kronicle

One of the things we as a company fully embrace is technological and personal development! we wanted to share with you some of our insights, opinions and even some handy information to help keep you right when it comes to tailor made solutions.

Put your finger on the pulse and read stories from behind the scenes at the Helms HQ! 

Technology & Software

As with most things in life, there is rarley a truly simple answer to a question... One we want to start to delve into is the impact software can have on your business and reflect on business types & how software can affect them.

Article Written by Stewart Gray

I love it when a potential client, or someone at a networking event hits me with this question, "What impact can software really have on my life?""

lets get the theme of this 'no simple answer' thing going. This is an easy and a hard question to answer. Straight off the cuff i could examine their reliance on their mobile phone for apps, social media, even the simple need to text. When we enter the business realm however, some software is deeply engrained, and some businesses use excessive amouts of labour maintaining the longwinded processes they already have in place, to even consider new ideas or concepts.

For example Microsoft Office is one of most widley utilised office software packages in the world......

Check out the advantages of having custom software designed and built to your needs

Next to your staff, data is the most important asset to a company. Learn how to use your data as fuel!

In a small series focussing on the rise of software and the pitfalls that come with tech boom

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Steering the Helm

It's in our companies blood and culture to seek out companies with large, complex problems and boil them down to manageable tasks. We wanted to take share some of our mindsets & practices when it comes to problem solving.

Article Written by Stewart Gray

"It can't be done..."

"It's Impossible..."

These are the of sentances I genuinely get out of my bed for! When it comes to software challenges, they come in various shapes and sizes, and further to that, they can effect businesses in many different ways.

When a someone comes to us needing an answer and has been round the bend getting turned down everywhere before, we want to be their final stop!

Anyone can put a plaster on a problem and make it work, our job is to actually fix it

To truly understand any work process or business you only really need to ask one small question....

Embracing change can be a challenge for some people, but we need to see the good in it!

The Art of Professional Problem Solving

Using Positivity to Design the Future

The Most Powerful Question

Taking on The Toughest - Why We Do It


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