Any business that has a computer, a printer or a filing cabinet is a potential cyberattack target. Cybersecurity is as much about the physical measures in place to stop unauthorised access to data as it is about firewalls, antivirus and what most people believe cybersecurity to be about. Not all threats come from outside an organization, internal systems should exist to limit internal breaches and theft of data!

The aim of cybersecurity, in general, is to create processes and controls to limit the exploitation of networks, systems and technology within your business. Any information you hold can be the target of a breach or an attack. Just because you think some of the data you have is useless doesn't mean everyone feels the same way...

Information has become one of the most valuable assets on the planet, especially when that information contains peoples personal data. Ensuring that your organisation is equipped to withstand attacks and has processes for identifying leaks is a crucial step towards implementing a fully effective security protocol.

Taking part in a cybersecurity audit can reveal the gaps in your current protection. The Kaber Helm team has members qualified in information security and identifying potential issues that pose a risk to the security of your data. Effective defence against cyber attacks reduces the likelihood of internal and external threats launching a successful attack.

What's the Benefit?

Protect Your People

Securing the information of your staff is not only a moral obligation but a legal one, A data breach could potentially lead to targeted attacks on your staff.

Protect Your Clients

Your conversations and your projects with clients are confidential. Confidence could be knocked if you had to tell your client that information had been leaked or stolen.

Protect Your Business

Most businesses operate using proprietary processes or their own version of trade secrets. If details of these were to end up in the wrong hands, it could be catastrophic for your business. 

Knowing the Statistics

Yahoo Data Breach

Yahoo was breached in 2013, 2014 and 2016. In the latter half of 2017, it was revealed that all 3 billion users had been affected by the 2016 data breach.  

Cisco Survey

In 2017 Cisco published figures based on a cybersecurity survey it had carried out, revealing that almost 31% of companies asked had been a cyber attack victim.

Malware Attacks

As of 2018, malware attacks were the most common attacks on British business. The average cost to amend the damage was a huge £1.8 Million .


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