Virtual Learning Environment - The Future of Training, Now!

Virtual Learning Environment

Easily Accessible Education

What is a Virtual Learning Environment?

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are applications used to help educate people, From giving students direct access to learning resources and tasks, to allowing them to upload completed papers and evidence of multiple formats, including, videos, images & even presentations.   

What is the Importance of Virtual Learning?

Education is important in general, With technology becoming more adaptable & easier to use, it only makes sense that we combine these two important pieces! A VLE gives organizations the power to enrol more students and give tailored educations without making the students travel to college or university daily.

Do I Really Need a Virtual Learning Environment?

More and more institutions are engaging in virtual learning to make themselves more appealing to younger learners and those who want to learn remotely. This is important as more people want to improve their skills and with the website such as Udemy or Lynda offering courses to be learned at their own pace. For those distributing education, VLEs will become essential to remain relevant in the future.

How Effective are Virtual Learning Environment?

VLEs are effective on many fronts, from giving assessors the means to see more candidates & evidence to the students who benefit from the 'learn at your pace' ethos. Empowering learners and tutors alike have made lives easier and has contributed to more people being educated digitally. Over the past 12 years, there has been over 250% increase in students enrolling into online courses.   

What's the Benefit?

Easy Access Platform

Most Virtual Learning Environments are hosted through websites with secure logins. This means that access can even be gained using a mobile phone.

Track Student Progress

Reporting & visual dashboards make it easy for assessors and tutors to track the progress of the students individually and the class as a whole.

Education For All

VLEs make it easier for many people to gain access to the education they might otherwise never receive. VLEs can help to distribute knowledge easier & give everyone a chance!

What Does a Virtual Learning Environmant Actually Do?

VLEs have many functions & features to make them easier to use for both the student and the tutor.


Students can keep a full portfolio of their tasks and evidence online for their tutors to view & for them to refer back to when required. Easy upload and sign in encourages repeated use.

Communication & Feedback

One of the most valuable things you can get in education - aside from knowledge - is feedback! Using a VLE allows for back and forward communication at the click of a button...

Reporting & Analytics

Data analysis drives all organizations and that includes educational institutions. From attendance reports to seeing who hasn't completed certain tasks, reporting is a key feature to ensure student success.

Resources Database

To make materials accessible to everyone we load the resources database. The tutors can then give students access to specific areas so that they only need to worry about their own course & materials.

Always Accessible

We all know someone who just doesn't sleep! Maybe when we're all tucked up in bed they want to learn... Well, they can! Hosted through the internet the VLE will be accessible 24hrs a day.

Community Forums

Students don't just learn from tutors, they also learn from other students! Having course forums or common interest forums allows students to share both their knowledge & resources.


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