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What is Project Management?

Project management consists of logging the status of a project to keep track of its progress through the various milestones which are essential for project completion. Project Management software is designed to automate this process and help each memeber of a project team both manage their own tasks and see the status of other tasks they may depend on. All in all, project management exsists to ensure we get our plans over the finish line, on time to spec.

IWhat is the Importance of Project Management?

Projects can be difficult to manage, whether you have one large project or various smaller projects. Project Management can help keep tabs on what is happening and when it is happening allowing for quick responses to any unexpected changes or problems that might occur which. The larger a project the more likely everyone is to loose visibility of the task needing completed.

Why use Project Management?

As you can see from our benefits listed to the right hand side, and even in whats mentioned above, project management is a very team centred activity with lots of known constraints. In order to reduce the strain on the project team, we open up visibility to all. This also allows the people managing the project to get a quick status report rather than waiting on all team members to produce individual reports or summarys in different formats!

How Effective is Project Management?

This can be a difficult question and relies on many things, the three biggest can be covered in the triple constraint - also called the project management triagle - below. If all 3 of these areas have been addressed well the project management should be relativley effective. The last thing to battle become communication, the more steps in place to manage the project and the richer the content of data teams can see, the more likely a project is to succeed.

What's the Benefit?

Full Team Visibility

One of the hardest parts of any project is ensuring everyone knows what they're doing when they're doing it, their dependencies & the dependants. Project management software can allow the whole team visibility easily.

Actively Track Progress

With the increased visibility of the whole project, assigning KPIs & metrics for tracking is the next step. From the project as a whole to individual tasks, tracking is essential to direct efforts effectively.

Reinforces Team Communication

Successful team communication is a huge part of any project and any company! The more effective a team at communicating, the more effective they are overall. Project management can help build that communication.

Project Management & the Triple Constraint

The triple constraint are the 3 tings that grind against any project. Losing control of one can have a knock on effect!


Resources are expensive and project tracking can help manage these costs, allowing you to use resources more effectively. One of the main goals in any project is to keep costs as low as they can be without sacrificing the quality of work or time, with proper project management this will help eliminate any unnecessary costs.


Project tracking can allow you to have a closer inspection of the quality of the tasks being carried out or products being created. It also provides a way to see if they can be improved. With better quality often comes a more satisfied client! Sacrificed quality has a cost & time implication.


Probably our most valuable asset. Everything we do is on or against a timescale, Project management can allow you to see the bigger picture and break tasks into manageable chunks, that are cost-effective, quality driven and time-bound. No one wants a late project

You can see now why Project management can be so difficult, but at the same time, so crucial. Managing the 3 areas above effectively can result in more motivated teams and fewer issues during the project. Ensuring no one is rushed due cost or quality issues is a goal everyone should strive for!


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