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The World at Your Fingertips

What is a Mobile Application?

Sometimes having a piece of software working on a computer isn't the end of the line. Now that most people have smartphones in their pocket, the race to be more appealing and accessible is hotter than it's ever been. One way to do this is to create a version of your software - or website - that is specifically designed to be used on mobile phones. It still interacts with the same databases and has all the same functionality, the selling point here is the convenience.

What is the Importance of Mobile Applications?

Depending on your industry, mobile apps can vary in importance, for instance, The NHRA being able to audit from iPads and other mobile devices is convenient & effective, BUT, not something the average person needs. On the other hand, though, games developers or drop-shippers will want to expand their reach!

Do I Really Need a Mobile Application?

As time moves on and more companies focus on things like automation and the conversion to Industry 4.0, the need to be time conscious and efficient becomes greater.  Though it might not be essential today, the earlier you're in the race, the better off you'll be in the long run.

How Effective are Mobile Applications?

Mobile applications, as business tools, are becoming increasingly popular and requested with many systems. They reduce the total time people spend sat at desks reporting, they also allow us to keep things updated pretty much as they happen - and this can be highly sought after. Mobile applications continue to be effective & as the technology advances, the possibilities also grow.

What's the Benefit?

Easily Accessible

Nearly everyone has a laptop or desktop nowadays but above and beyond that, more people have mobile devices. Appealing to the mobile world can make it easier to find you.

Increased Engagement

With increased exposure comes many positives, one of these being increased engagement. Whether it's feedback or enquiries, traffic is essential to sustaining the business.

Greater Public Visibility

Having an app is a great source of marketing in itself. Not only can you appeal to more people but customers who've never heard of you may be more likely to find you.

The Four D's of Mobile Development

Though this is very similar to the development process for stand alone software, mobile development is nine times out of ten easier


Okay, maybe this is the easiest stage of the process. Once all testing is completed and the customer has signed of that they're happy, we can finally let them run free with their app, providing support if needed


Probably the easiest stage of the process, figuring out what the customer whats, identifying what the customer needs, and getting all of that into one time bound project plan


No one wants an app that doesn't work... So, even though we test & test again, during the final stages of the project we do one final debug to highlight all issues and ensure we can fix them


Almost 75% of all mobile applications can be built in 6 months or less. This stage is a constant cycle of implementing and testing with lots of customer communication

Mobile applications have risen in popularity since 2010! From consumer mobile games to organizations developing apps to be used completley in house, everyone has been taking advantage of the convenience.... You don't want to be last!


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