Linked Systems - Don't Let Your PC Be Lazy


Don't Let Your PC Be Lazy!

What is System Linking?

Nearly all systems are created with a 'back door.' Though we usually hear this and think of hackers doing something they shouldn't be, this back door can be extremely useful. Most software packages or web services allow developers to use these doors for exactly this purpose - Linking one system to another for ease of use. We come across these links daily even if we don't notice, such Amazon allowing you to pay via PayPal.

Why Use Linked Systems?

As we glazed over in our benefits section - to the right - the main reason to link systems is to begin automating processes and ultimately to increase efficiency. the faster a company can get from A to B, the more likely a customer is to come to them. We use linked to move information faster and to help get through the boring tasks more quickly!

What is the Importance of Linking Systems?

System linking is a positive move in the right direction for companies, not only can we save time and increase efficiency but we can minimize human error by using what we already know to make the next decision... Once again this plays into the overall resource and manpower needed to complete a task. Having all this data available in all systems quick is key to most companies looking to improve their corporate strategy.

How Effective is System Linking

Programmers and software companies have been system linking for decades! Most services and software providers are prepared to help developers link into their systems. Today though, we have the ability to roll this out for anyone who requires it. Given most people use linked systems daily - mostly without realizing they are - I think it's a fair assumption that system linking is rather effective...

What's the Benefit?

Automate Multiple Tasks

Linking systems can help with putting in the foundations for automating processes.Things like trigger points can be created for sharing data between systems 

Significant Time Saving

Automation itself leads to a time saving, by linking systems we can harness this saving and spread it across many departments and teams, making everyone's lives easier

Efficiency Growth

All businesses strive to be efficient. This is easier said than done though. Using linked systems we can decrease physical transactions required and drive efficiency

Effective System Linking Examples

Unlike the rest of our bespoke examples, we dont have a diagram for this... Instead though we want to highlight a few systems that are linked.


Amazon gives users the ability to share what they find with social media, this is a system link, We have already mentioned that they payment gateways like PayPal and your personal banking gateways are further linking to other functional systems.


Social media is a big market, and keeping up-to-date is essential, to help with this Hootsuite was created. This software is purpose-built to allow users to link to multiple social media accounts at once and manage all the content for your audience.


When looking for financial software, lots of companies want the freedom to connect things up to ERP or CRM systems. Our client Jag Supplies had their product management suite linked with QuickBooks to continue stock management with out having to do this manually.


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