CRMs - Keeping Customers Smiling


Keeping Customers Smiling

What is Customer Relationship Management?

At its core, customer relationship management does exactly what it says on the tin! CRM and CRM solutions are about ensuring there is an open channel of communication fo businesses to interact with their customers, share updates and review ongoing projects & contracts.   

What is the Importance of Customer Relationship Management?

Customers keep the doors open, unhappy customers might eventually mean unhappy employees. It is the most efficient approach to handling current & potential clients. It also helps to reinforce personal and emotional connections to the people you are dealing with regularly.   

Do I Really Need Customer Relationship Management?

Most companies have some form of customer relationship management process, The real questions to ask here are, is my current CRM effective? How many man-hours are needed to manage CRM? A good customer relationship usually leads to further sales generation & in many cases business development as a whole! Showing your customer you can manage them effectively will reflect positively on the management structure of your company.

How Effective is Customer Relationship Management?

As already mentioned, CRM is one of the strongest ways to maintain a good open channel with your customers. Though there are 1000 different CRM solutions out there, the effectiveness of a system is in the detail. If you know exactly what your customer is looking for and can proactively identify things that will make their experience with you, it is important to have these factored in when looking at CRM as a process & when looking at CRM solutions.

What's the Benefit?

Encourage Customer Communication

Communication is one of the strongest tools we have! Keeping your customers in the loop, even in times of trouble, can be beneficial to you and them.

Share Insight

Along with the many benefits of data analytics, sharing insight with your customers can be valuable to both parties. This can help with problem reaction & proactivity!

Improve Overall Productivity

Waiting to have meetings & reviews is can be crucial & sometimes necessary, however, many businesses don't need to do this as often as they think.

The Main Foundations to Customer Relationship Management

The  Data Analysis timeline represents the stages of a process in which Data Analytics can be carried out:

Sales & Orders

To most, this is the bread & butter of the company, if you have issues managing sales & orders, those issues will most likely continue through the process


At the end of day, this is - or should be - an organization most important KPI. Using CRM you can actively track quality & look at things like root cause - corrective actions.

Marketing & Strategy

It's all fine and well-having products to sell, but if no one knows they exist or they can't be found then we have a problem. CRMS help align marketing teams and keep everyone involved in the strategy

Service & Support

For anyone, note taking should be a necessity! Tracking things like service & support not only allows you to see trends & proactively inform customers of issues, but it also allows you to gauge internal organization performance 

Whether looking at customer relationship management as a process or if you are looking for a solution to help manage your customers, we highly recommend that companies focus on this area. A poor customer process could mean the difference between growth & stagnating!


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