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What is Asset Tracking & Stock Control?

Asset Tracking & Stock management are slightly different processes but share the same principle, how much do I have, and where is it? Asset tracking is used to track items like laptops and hardware used within a company. Usually, assets are also assigned to an individual or department.

What is the Importance of Asset Tracking & Stock Control?

For companies who deal in producing consumer goods, the stock may be the most valuable asset they have - excluding their workforce! This means that's controlling its movement & distribution is a business critical task! Companies assets are much the same. These items are of value & have a financial standing within the company Streamlining these processes and ensuring the whereabouts of these items can be the difference between a huge profit & a huge loss...

Do I Really Need Asset Tracking & Stock Control?

The short answer... Yes! As discussed earlier, asset tracking and stock control is a business-critical task. Stock and assets hold value and give value to your business, without them what are your customers going to buy? These systems should robust, agile and easily readable to ensure you know locations and quantities at all times.

How Effective is Asset Tracking & Stock Control?

Between software and a strong physical process to support, stock control is highly effective and loads of best practice materials exist. Implementing these practices and having software that reflects your business model exactly can maximize benefits.

What's the Benefit?

Real-time Tracking

Knowing where stock & parts are at any given time is a huge task, The quicker you can find what you're looking for, the quicker you can get it to where it needs to be.

Make Quicker Decisions

When making decisions, stock & assets can play a major part in the plan. Being able to track items allows you to make faster-informed decisions based on a physical product.

Earlier Issue Identification

With Knowledge comes responsibility, and when striving to fulfil orders and keep customers happy, identifying stock related issues can be vital.

Components Of Stock Control?

VLEs have many functions & features to make them easier to use for both the student and the tutor.


More and more companies are turning to live stock tracking - instead of reported tracking - using RFID to actively see the position of pallets all the way to mobile phones.

Event-Based Asset Control

Running an event where you will be leasing products or have people bringing their own? You will need an easy way to identify what is what and ensure all assets are returned.

Multichannel Stock Control

It is not unusual for companies to sell through several online options & have onsite sales options. To keep these all aligned can be a laborious task, multichannel control brings all stats to one place.

Remote Stock Control

We all know the burden of working away from our offices, trying to get Wi-Fi, no access to your own network and this can make stock control tricky! We have solutions to overcome this issue!


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