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We know that some small tasks are necessary but tedious. We know that some business-critical activities don't get the attention they deserve due to the small tasks. We believe it doesn't need to be this way...

A bespoke solution would give the power back to your business. Embracing technology & software automation opens many doors for companies. From opening doors for expansion to increase revenue streams, a tailormade solution can help to stabilise recurring issues all while increasing efficiency. 

One of the biggest questions we get when it comes to bespoke products is, what can you actually do for me? As per usual, a big question has a lot of answers. Examples of what we have done for our clients include

  • Audit Tracking Systems - Most businesses use Excel for data capture, moving to a bespoke solution that reads straight out of excel removes the need for manual analysis.
  • Product Management Systems - From word documents containing part numbers & descriptions needing uploaded one-by-one to a solution that allows 20,000 products to be edited at once.
  • Analytical Systems - Not every company has an analyst or the time to analyze all their data. Today, data is a major driving force for companies and we want all to benefit from it.
  • CRM/ERP Systems - These business-critical applications can have a number of features above and beyond the standard build. We hate seeing customers drawn to systems for only one aspect.
  • Chatbots & Answer Machines - Some companies want to reduce the number of team members needed to answer menial questions in response centres, ensuring focus on legitimate problems
  • Planning Systems - Time based solutions are becoming increasingly popular to help all industries with certain tasks. The majority being production planning, though hotels, golf courses have seen benefits.
  • Custom Firmware - The Kaber Helm team can help to design and create software for custom hardware and embedded systems.
  • CEP Systems - Complex Event Processing is increasingly sought after by businesses with a wide reach and multiple branches to handle group stock levelling and proactive risk management.
  • And many, many more...

We take pride in delivering high-quality solutions to our customers, whether its a system already mentioned above or you require a solution to deal with a specific issue, we'd love to hear from you and discuss how we can help. Kaber Helm can support you!

What's the Benefit?

Team Understanding

To implement any bespoke solution, the first step is understanding the process you want to change & why. Doing this enables the team to see the issue & encourages transparency.

Increased Efficiency

Ensure your business-critical tasks are done in ample time. No company wants to be left behind, let us help you trim the fat and become lean through the use of the software.

Profit Growth

Combining cost savings, streamlined processes and enhanced work capacity, revenue growth is one of the major benefits felt by our clients all over the world.

Types of Solutions & Modules

Each of the below can be constructed into a stand alone solution or can be used as individual modules to a larger project.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Every company can benefit from data analytics and reporting. Use data to guide your companies direction

Product Management Systems

Most companies who do not provide services usually provide products, and even these need managed

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To any company, aside from its staff, customers are probably the most valuable assets, manage them correctly

Linked Systems

Bespoke isn't always about tearing it up and starting again, sometimes its about making systems talk to each other

Virtual Learning Environment

Sometimes learning in a classroom isn't always the easiest, in these cases VLEs can support students globally

Web Development & Maintenance

From E-commerce to applications most of these bespoke systems can be hosted on the web and so much more...

Project & Task Management Systems

We all have to-do lists, and we all have points in time when they are massive, let us help you manage them better

Mobile Application Development

In an increasingly technological world everyone wants to be mobile & accessible, don't be left behind

Database Creation, Admin & Management

Everyone wants to ensure their data is safe and managed properly, we ensure our customers have peace of mind

Asset Tracking & Stock Control Systems

Knowing where everything is and who was the last to touch it can be a helpful tool in fast-paced environments

And Many More...

What is Our Process For Development?

Below is a summarised version of our development operations process, alternatively you can read our more in-depth version


Process Scrutiny

This exercise will highlight problem areas and focus points for during development. This stage should also be used to note the physical process.


Project Planning

Every project needs a plan to keep them aligned! Kaber Helm works closely with clients to ensure processes are understood and actions are clear.



Once the plan is agreed and in place, our team can make a start to developing the required solution based on scope documents and process flows.



Every one or two weeks depending on arrangements, our latest development build will be loaded on to our labs for clients to get early hands on experience.


Test Period

To ensure the solution is reliant and operates effectively a robust test procedure is created and adhered to. Quality is cannot be compromised on!



At the end of the test period, if all the relevant criteria have been passed a stable version will be saved separately, this version will be used in deployment. 



Once the system has been built, we need to make it accessible to everyone who is going to be using it and ensuring they know how to use it.



After initial teething problems, it is important to get hands-on experience using the system. This will help with feedback and further development planning.



Did the system eradicate the problems? Was efficiency improved? these questions and more need to be answered to validate the success of the system.


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