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One of our biggest pet hates is hearing from companies who have invested in off the shelf products, only to find they did not bring a benefit to their business. Our aim is to build solutions fully tailored to the needs of your business while leaving space for future development.

Bespoke solutions can fit a wide range of business sectors and be implemented to manage everything from standard daily operations, to once a month tasks that require a lot of time. We want to show people the power of software and the add-ons that can be developed to make everyone's lives easier


Ensuring the safety of the data your company holds has become a critical part business. As we move away from paper and toward the digital world certain measures must be taken to protect information digitally and to be prepared for a potential attack.  

The last thing any company or organisation wants is to hear that they have suffered a data breach, had files duplicated, stolen or maybe even worse, deleted! Protecting your team and your customer's information is one of the highest priorities and responsibilities for any business in this day and age.


Software can be an unfamiliar world for most people. In a world becoming more technology driven by the day, it's important that companies understand their position and the available options to help them drive forward and embrace the digital age.

For those who don't want to dive head first into the software world, we can help you! Digital reliance will become a crucial part of most businesses in the coming years, Kaber Helm helps businesses identify areas that could benefit from improvement and can offer solutions to help raise efficiencies and profitability.


Web presence is a huge part of any business these days. From a place to post content to digitising physical shops, the web is currently the place to be. We want to help our customers gain traction & expand operations by utilizing web-based development & apps.

Whether you're looking to create, update or just need some help managing your site, we have the expertise to help you!  Web development covers a range of projects from stand-alone websites,    e-commerce systems right through to online portals for CRM & ERP systems.


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